Set Yourself Apart

Who are my? What do i do? Why should anyone care? What difference are my making? Why should anyone patronise me?  What makes me unique? What makes me stand out? Dear friends, ask yourselves these questions, and answer them. These are the same questions i asked myself when i started my journey, i still ask […]

We Should All Be Feminists

The topic feminism is a topic i am always running from because of all the arguments are controversy surrounding “feminism” . What really is “feminism”, do i consider myself a feminist, maybe or maybe not. One thing i know for sure is that i will always fight for the right of women around the world, […]

Cuba Vibes In Exquisite

If you know me well, you will know that i am obsessed with Exquisite pieces, this fashion brand makes the best outfit for the everyday chic woman. I have been looking for the perfect day and time to wear my exquisite maxi dress, and i got the perfect opportunity during my staycation. This dress got […]

My Cleanse With Clever Kitchen

Hey friends, welcome back to my blog. If you know me, you will know that I love anything healthy. I sometimes eat very unhealthy, but I always find my way back. If you also follow me on social media, you will remember that I went on a major cleanse some weeks ago. This cleanse was […]

How To Make Your Monday Suck Less

I have a love hate relationship with Mondays, maybe more of love and not hate, but we an all agree that some Mondays sucks. My Mondays are all for meetings and most of these meetings trust me are super boring, long or just plain unnecessary . Apart from unproductive meetings, I love Mondays . I […]

3 Things: Get To Know Me

I love my “get to know me” series, I feel its fun and it connects me better to new readers/followers. I have decided to make this post a fun one. In this post I will be sharing 3 things I’m loving, I hate or just 3things. Lets get to it   Top 3 Movies That […]

Greek Salad With A Twist & Dressing

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. What have you all been up to ? As for me I have been up to a lot including perfecting my Greek salad recipe. I love Greek salad so much mainly because it super healthy, super colorful and I can eat all my favorite veggies in one bowl. I make the […]

Skincare Products I Am Loving Right Now

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. If you follow me on snap chat, then you already know about the skincare products I am currently obsessed with. I have been spending a lot on skincare, taking care of my skin and loving it. I mean I am not getting any younger, I need my skin to be fresh […]

Olifestyle Heaven

Believe me  friends when I say there is a little heaven in town, If you stay in Abuja, you need to pay a visit to Olifestyle beauty and wellness center. If you are a big fan of my blog, then you must have read a post I did on the CEO of Olifestyle, in the […]

My Personal Bad Habits

As everyone does, and will always have, I have a little list of bad habits. Some bad habits are good for my well being and keeps me sane and I am trying so hard to improve on others. So here are my personal bad habits: I am very indecisive: Ask all my friends and my sister, they will tell you […]

Vegetable Bulgur Wheat Stir-fry

Hey friends, welcome back to my blog. This healthy living/vegan life is amazing, I mean I had no idea what bulgur wheat was, and how good it tasted. I have literally eaten bulgur wheat everyday for dinner in every single style. My favorite way of making bulgur wheat is the stir-fry method. It is super […]

Vegan Banana Pancakes

Going on a vegan diet has been an amazing journey, I mean I have lost over 6 pounds since I started. I decided to go on a vegan diet with my dear friend and fellow foodie Lola, we both love food and we are both good cooks, so we decided to try out vegan meals […]