3 Things: Get To Know Me

I love my “get to know me” series, I feel its fun and it connects me better to new readers/followers. I have decided to make this post a fun one. In this post I will be sharing 3 things I’m loving, I hate or just 3things. Lets get to it


  • Top 3 Movies That Makes Me Cry: Titanic, Notebook, Set it off
  • 3 Food I Am Currently Loving: Salads (all the time), Rice (cutting it out from tomorrow), Spring rolls
  • 3 Items Always In My Bag: Shades, Lip balm, Note pad.
  • My Top 3 Social Media Platform: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter
  • Top 3 Beauty Secrets: Drink a lot of water, Exfoliate, Apply Sunscreen
  • 3 Phones I used In The Past: Vbird (lol in secondary school), Blackberry curve 2 or so, Blackberry Curve 8
  • 3 Countries I Will Love To Visit: Greece, Italy, Morocco
  • 3 Least Favorite Subjects In Secondary School: Accounting (didn’t like the teacher), Biology (notes always too damn long), Commerce
  • 3 Best Unhealthy Food: Spring roll, Shoprite puff puff, French fries
  • 3 Favorite Restaurants At The Moment : Tulip Bistro, Woks & Koi, Saffron Café
  • 3 Important Things I Do In The Morning: Meditate , Give thanks, Have A Cup Of Tea
  • 3 Pet Peeves : Abbreviated words, Wasting My Time, Lies
  • 3 Colors I Am Loving/Wearing At The Moment: Blush pink, Nude, Black
  • 3 TV Shows I Am Watching Right Now: Billions, Ballers, American gods
  • 3 Things I Do Before Going To Bed: Wash My Face, Check Social Media, Say My Prayers



2 Replies to “3 Things: Get To Know Me”

  1. Onyeka Okoli says:

    Wow! Shoprite Puff puff, lol. I thought Shoprite Meatpie is everyone’s bae. But you can’t cut out rice, rice is life.

    1. Lol shoprite puff puff is everything, people literally fight and cry over it. You should try it.

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