48 Hours In Abuja: Where To Stay, Where To Shop, What To do & More

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, summer is here and i know a lot of people will be travelling and going on breaks, Abuja is one city to visit this summer. It is a city with a lot of hotels, restaurants and beautiful sceneries. I have listed a guide of some of my favourite places to stay,visit, and favourite things to do.


One of my favourite places to stay in Abuja is Nordic Hotel & Nordic Villa http://www.adohrspeaks.com/i-got-the-nordicfeeling-in-my-weekend-getaway-at-nordic-villa/, if you arena Abuja this summer on a short visit you have to check out Nordic Hotel & Nordic villa. Nordic Hotel http://www.adohrspeaks.com/all-about-my-staycation-at-nordic-hotel-mynordicexperience/recently launched new rooms and also a new lobby look. These hotels are my favourite hotel to recommend to single men and ladies and also a small family looking to get away for a while You have to stay at Nordic hotel or the villa if you visit the city this summer.

2) The Dome: If you are looking for a hotel with an all in built facilities such as a bowling arena, pool, spa and gym then i recommend The Dome. The dome has everything you need and you may never have to leave the premises of the hotel through out your stay, it is also a super family friendly hotel.


If you are in Abuja for 48 hours and you are looking for good restaurant and places to eat, i highly recommend the following restaurants:

1) Cantina restaurant : This is one restaurant  that makes the best pizza in the city. Catina restaurant can make you dream dreams. They also some of the best south Africa wines. Cantina space is very cozy and perfect for a date night or a hangout with your girls or boys. They also have more food options aside pizza, from healthy meals such as salads to very cheesy Alfredo pasta, they have it all. 2)Jerk Shack: Another amazing restaurant to visit in Abuja is Jerk shack, if you like Caribbean or Jamaican food you have to visit Jerk shack. They are the only authentic Jamaican restaurant in the whole of Abuja city and they have everything from jerk chicken to Jamaican beer. If you are in Abuja for a short period or this summer, you have to visit Jerk Shack Restaurant.3)Afro-Sushi Restaurant : If you are in Abuja this summer or for 48 hours,you have to visit the Afro sushi restaurant located at Transcorp Hilton, if you are a lover if sushi or Japanese food then you are in for a real treat. Afro sushi makes the best sushi and ramen noodles in Abuja city. 4)Manila Restaurant: If you are a lover of Thailand and Philippines then you will love the philippine restaurant (Manila) located at Discovery mall, Wuse 2 Abuja .


If you are looking for a place to visit in the city to have fun and games with your friends, i highly recommend Central Park Abuja. Central Park is home to all things fun and games. You can paintball or go go-carting with your friends. Central park also has an inbuilt restaurant where you can relax and have fun with your friends. 


If you are in Abuja and you are looking for a place to shop, i highly recommend Shop 365Africa. Shop 365 is your one stop shop for everything lifestyle. They represent more than 15 brands, has an in house photo studio and also a section for designers to get all the accessories and work needs. You can also stop by Maison The Cafe located at Shop 365 Africa to grab a quick cup of coffee & snack.

                                                                            WHAT TO DO 

If you are in Abuja and you don’t know what to do with your time, then order an in house masseuse to your hotel or apartment and get a relaxing massage. You can also book a photoshoot session with one of my favourite photographer (@michaeliloba on IG). I recommend  that you also read some of your favourite books, watch some TV shows, order in Pizza and a bottle of wine from the number one Abuja App Oya Now and invite your friends over to your place.

If you need any additional help or guide around Abuja city this summer please send us a mail: adohrspeaks@gmail.com or comment below.

Happy Summer





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