5 Must Try Skin Care Products For The Harmattan Season

Hello guys welcome back to my blog, as you all know the harmattan and ashy skin season is almost upon us, i have completely switched my skincare routine ever since i got my first chemical skin peel (review and update coming up soon) . I literally went from a very oily skin to a day skin, my skin was so dry and dehydrated from the peel that i felt my skin was going to crack on some days.
My aesthetician prescribed some amazing skincare products and i also discovered some amazing products that has been working for me for the past one month. These products are also the best for the harmattan season, so dear friends you have to stuck up on all of these skincare products

-KushOrganics: Kush Organics is a must have skincare product this season, this is a brand i swear by and i have been using for months now, its perfect for all super dry areas of the body (elbow, knee, etc), i also use it at night on my neck and face to keep my face moisturised and dewy. Kush Organics is an online organic skincare brand located in Nigeria and you can order from @kushorganics_ on IG . 

-Korean Facial Masks: I do not care about all the other 99 masks you have tried or owned, but nothing and repeat nothing compares to korean facial masks. I have read numerous reviews on Korean masks but i didn’t know how amazing they were until i gave it a try myself and it is one of my best skincare discovery till date.

-Rosehip Oil: This is another amazing skincare product that is a must have, apart from the fact that it smells amazing, it also has loads of anti-aging ingredients in it, it is also one of the body oil i have ever tried that did not leave me greasy or too oily, you can get rosehip oil from any skincare brand or store.

-Pears Moisturising Cream: After i got my skin peel, as i earlier explained my skin got too extra dry and started peeling, before i got introduced to a hydrating cream (which i will review soon), i started using the pears moisturising cream and it worked perfectly, i also loved the fact that it is super affordable (less than $4) and it contains olive oil, you can get the pears moisturising cream from any drugstore or supermarket in Nigeria.

-CBD Oil: There is a sudden trend in the wellness world and that is holistic health using CBD oil. Research shows that CBD oil has alot of benefits amongst them a lot of skincare benefits. I have been using @cbdwellnessng on IG CBD oil and i have seen a lot of results on my skin, i also add 2 droplet to my rosehip oil when applying to my body. A full review on CBD oil will be up on this blog soon, until then every one needs to give #CBD oil try.

What are some of your favourites skincare products to try in the winter or harmattan season, please leave a comment below.



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