5 Ways I Intend To Maintain My Zen In 2018 + How I Am Preparing For My Event #Influest

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, welcome to my Friday post, i missed Wednesday’s post but i will make up for it this weekend. Its been a pretty zen month so far, and i am loving it. I love how easy and intentional i am taking things. So for todays post, i have decided to share 5 ways i intend to maintain this zen moment of mine throughout 2018

  • Protecting My Energy : I have become overly protective of my energy and people i allow into it, my circle is getting so small and i am loving every bit of it.
  • Meditating Often: I intend to wake up 4:30am/5am, to get more time for meditation. I have been practicing this for days now and i get to meditate for 40 minutes and i always feel so refreshed and zen through out the day.
  • Eating Healthy: So it is very obvious i have gained so much weight, and i am not happy about it. I intend to work on my weight this year, and get back to my normal weight, so my first step is to gradually cut out carbs and review more healthy organic restaurants.
  • Live Intentional: I intend to live super intentional this year, and live in the present. I hope to save more, travel more, see the world, make more impact and spend time with people i love.
  • Candles, Incense, Yoga, Sage & More: If you know me, you will know i love candles more than life, and i intend to burn more this year, and i have currently included a little bit of incense& sage burning, practice more yoga and just live in good energy throughout 2018.

2018 is going to be one zen year for me and i am so excited, you know i think this whole wanting to live  life easy and zen comes with age and the older i am getting, the less interested i am in certain things. However one major thing of interest to me now is my upcoming event this weekend. If you have not heard or if you are not following me on social media, i have an event coming up this Saturday and it is all about networking with other creatives & influencers #Influest . A brand reached out to me some weeks ago to partner with me on this project and i jump on board immediately. So right now i am trying to get enough sleep, eat right and get my body and spirit ready for Saturday. If you are an influencer (blogger, photographer) and you reside in Abuja, you have to send me an email : adohrspeaks@gmail.com to RSVP. It is going to be a very long weekend for me, but i am looking forward to it.

How do you intend to live more intentional and zen this year, comment below.



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