AdohrSpeaks Guide: Best Pizza Spots In Abuja City

I have never been the biggest pizza fan, but 3 pizza spots in Abuja city are now my to go pizza place (must have pizzas) . I guess its because every other place i have had pizza just did it wrong. I only ate because i didn’t have a lot of option (then) and when i have to eat (especially with friends). Pizza is still something i eat occasionally but only at these places now. If you are a big fan of authentic Pizza you have to check out these places.

Fraser Suite (The Gazebo)  

Fraser suite pizza is almost second to none, it is so amazing that i have a sudden crave. My favourite pizza is the margarita pizza, made by the Italian chef and with authentic italic recipe (thin crust, pizza sauce and lots of cheese). The pizza is made in an open fire oven (the only open fire oven in Abuja), and wishing 7mins its ready to serve and eat. Have a slice of Fraser’s pizza with a glass of wine or a cup of Frasers Cappuccino (My favourite)


Cantina Resturant

Cantina restaurant makes the most amazing pepperoni pizza i have ever eaten. Thin crust, loads of cheese, pepperoni and severed along side extra spiced oil and dressing, but who needs any form of extraness with the best pepperoni pizza in the city. I highly recommend Cantina’s Pepperoni pizza. A full review on Cantina will be coming up soon.

Noni’s Pizza

Noni’s pizza is located at The Dome and they make all kinds of pizzas, my favourite is the shrimp & chicken special. If you ever visit the Dome, you have to try the Shrimp, chicken special. I love the fact that they also have vegetarian options for vegetarians and non-meat eaters.

Have you had pizza from any of the spot mentioned above, please share your experience, and if you think the AdohrSpeaks team needs to try out another amazing spot please comment below.




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