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December has arrived which means party and celebration season is beginning – yay! We love celebrating with our friends and families but not so much having to think of the perfect weave for this season. Do you have the same problem? Then worry no further . Lotus Hair is here to give you everything you need.

I just got my own package this weekend,and I can not wait to rock and wear it this holiday season.

I love my weave: #HairByLotus

I caught up with the owner of this amazing hair company and got a few more details about the company and all they have to offer especially for this season and in the coming year,he also was kind enough to suggest ways to take care of your weaves/virgin hair this harmattan/winter period.

-Lotus hair is a company that is into the rebranding of the Nigerian / African woman by helping her step up her appearance, self esteem and confidence in d society by focusing and transforming her hairdo. They are majorly into the sales of virgin hair extensions, ‎weavons, wigs, closures, etc.of high quality from very reliable sources around the world. They believe that your hair is your crown and glory and must of necessity be worn and adorned deliberately.

-They are different from every other hair company because at Lotus they are  not simply interested in making increased sales numbers but in rebranding and transforming  the image and perception of every woman who adorns our weaves. Hair can give you to a large extent who a person is before they open their mouth.

I also asked him what made him start a hair company. He said “Rebellion! I simply got tired of seeing women looking ordinary, without spark day in day out. I believe we’re our best product and we must market and sell our image in the best possible light”

I asked him to give me some advice on how to take care of weaves especially during this harmattan period. He said

-Brush before bed to ensure there are no natural occurring tangles caused by wind or friction; Always brush rightly and carefully, starting from the tip to top; Use water as a natural moisturizer after brushing; Always tie hair in silk scarf before bed; Do not brush wet hair”

‎-A lady must brush her hair at least once a day, although it is advisable to twice daily. Morning and before bed at night.
-Do not comb when wet
-Always wash with warm water not hot water, with organic and sulphate-free shampoo‎.
‎Always brush starting from the tip to top.

-Proper care is required for maintain virgin weaves overtime. Virgin curly weaves can be extremely high maintenance, as they are more prone to matting, tangling, and knotting. A daily moisturising routine helps revitalize, protect and detangle the hair as virgin hair from human donors do not come pre-treated to keep curls bouncing indefinitely. Using the wrong hair products can cause damage and ruin  the overall quality  and life of the. hair. Also do not cut weft of hair, this makes hair loose and appears to be shedding. However if u do cut, seal properly with blanket stitches.

Finally he said “Hair brings one’s self-image into focus; Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mystery. Our hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love”

I love this hair company so much already!

Do not miss out on all the Christmas goodies from this hair company.Start placing your order.

Lotus Hair contact details:

Instagram: @Lotus_inc

Phone Number: 08077411133

BBPin: 2AF942B3

Address: 65a unity close, shelter view estate, wumba district, behind copa cabana estate . Apo,FCT.






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