Everyone knows I am a very happy person, and i love myself very much( yes I do), I have grown to love who I am as a person so much so  that spending quality time by myself is never an issue, in short I value a lot of ME time as I don’t often get it a lot these days. I can be perfectly happy being alone I have learnt over the years that being alone sometimes can be a good thing, it gives you time to think, plan, re-discover yourself etc.

And I’m not talking in the sense of being alone as in being single, I mean truly just enjoying the time you spend with yourself. Your YOU time.

If you want to have some YOU time and enjoy being alone, here are some tips to help you achieve an amazing YOU time, and make you fell less anxious about being alone and be more comfortable hanging out with yourself

  • Avoid overthinking and over analyzing: Don’t use your alone time to think about things that will get you depressed, don’t use it to compare yourself to others. Avoid this; instead do something to occupy your mind. Read a new book, watch YouTube videos, write, volunteer etc. I personally love to read a new book or magazines when I’m alone.
  • Loneliness often comes from seclusion or being in the same place all the time. Fix this by changing your location, I don’t mean you need to move but if you work from home and miss being around others, take your laptop to a coffee shop, café or restaurant (I personally do this all the time, I will take my work to my favorite café, have some tea and just enjoy some peace and quiet, meet a new person and get some work done)..
  • If you live at home and are bored at night, head to a restaurant you’ve never been to. And try making conversation with someone new while you wait for your food to arrive.
  • Be OK with missing the party sometimes: It isn’t every Friday you turn up now, sometimes just staying in your room, reading a book or watching TV, even talking to God is all you need
  • Use your time alone to be creative: Learn something new, learn a new recipe, a new word, a new hobby, try out new restaurants etc. there are so many things you can do when you’re alone
  • Make a plan for the future: You are not a baby anymore, this stage in your life is the stage of planning and implementing, your future depends on the kind of plan you make for yourself now. When you find yourself alone, use that period to plan, plan, plan write down what you want for yourself, write down goals….life goals, marriage goals, health goals etc
  • If you travel for work in a new city and you find yourself alone, take time to explore, learn about the city, try out their food, take lots and lots of pictures, go get a massage and just relax…

Being alone is never a bad thing, it is how you handle your alone time that matters, so whenever you find yourself alone or lonely I hope these tips will help you and guide you.

I am off to my favorite farmer’s market to get veggies/fruits for the weekend

Happy Weekend Friends



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  1. kara2dance says:

    Well said. I love me some me time too! Although getting it nowadays is almost impossible but we make it work(even if its by midnight lol). Well said!

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