Am I doing this right?

NO you don’t have to go natural for the sake of the trend. But yes you have to wash your face every night and every morning, yes you should always say thank you when someone does something nice for you. No you don’t have to apologize for disagreeing.  No you don’t have to go all out to get a signature fragrance. Yes there is lead in lipstick but not enough to harm you, unless you are eating 15 tubes a day.

What’s the healthiest thing to have in the morning? A stretch and some fruits. (And also gratitude. And right before bed? More gratitude.)

Lol yes its okay for your eyebrows not to look the same, they are sisters not twins remember; no you don’t have to buy that Peruvian hair, to look like a kardashian is not by force.  Yes, you do want to think twice about anything you post on social media.  No you don’t have to respond to every negative comment made about you on social media

No you don’t have to answer the phone whenever it rings, yes its okay to slow and take a break once in a while.  No you don’t want to compare, because comparing yourself is the death of happiness, but yes you might want to compete because in the right context competition can be very motivating. No you don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend to make you happy, be happy and love yourself first.  Yes you should probably have a routine check-up every six months with a physician.

No you don’t have to turn up every weekend ; sometimes a book and good wine or maybe a TV show is all you need on a Friday night.

No you don’t have to get married now because your best friend is getting married and no you definitely do not need to settle because you think you will die lonely ,yes your special one is still out there

Yes it’s okay to tell a boy he is cute and you like him… we are in the 21st century

And no you are not a failure, yes you can, yes you will yes!!



(Post inspired by the February edition of Oprah Magazine)

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