An AdohrSpeaks Event: A Trip To Italy #Impasto

Italy has always been a dream destination for me and majorly because i really want to try out Italian food and cuisines. My dream of going to Italy is still valid but i can now proudly say i have tasted authentic and freshly  made Italian pasta and pizza. Some weeks ago, Adohrspeaks organised yet another influencer’s  event with the prestigious Fraser Suite. Fraser takes so much pride in their hospitality and fresh Italian cuisines especially their pasta and pizzas. They make everything from scratch and make use of the freshest ingredients. On this day we were all introduced to the chefs who would take us through the pasta & pizza 101 course.  Executive Chef and Sous Chef (Both world acclaimed international chef and Italian) showed us step by step how to assemble the pasta machine, make the pasta dough, roll, knead and arrange (the pasta) after making it go through the machine several times (to achieve the desired shape and cut).We also got to try making some pasta by ourselves (supervised by the italian Chef of course). After learning how to make pasta we were went on to learn the art of pizza. The chef quickly told us all about Italian pizza, gave us all the ingredients names, told us the secret to making the dough stay fresh all day. We were shown how to knead the dough correctly, roll out the dough correctly and also toss. After the demonstration, the head Chef put the first pizza into the oven and called on five other influencers to make their own pizza. I made magaritha and it was so good.

Learning about Italian style of cooking meant everything to me and it also inspired me to hurry up and take a trip to Italy as soon as possible. I would love to spend 3 months in Italy whenever i visit. (I want to learn about the culture, learn a lot of recipes and fall in love with everything Italian).

Stay tuned for the next AdohrSpeaks event.



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