Answering Your Snapchat Questions : GHIEF,Finding The Right Man,Lingerie,Blogging,Skincare etc

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog and happy Easter dear friends. A month ago, i asked my snapchat fam to send me any question they have basically in reference to anything.

I got so many questions, but i will answer some today.  So lets do this

  • Abigail Asked : So what motivated you to start blogging?

Adohr: Well, sharing my NYSC journey with the world was my first blogging motivation, then i discovered that i could share more than just my journey, i could impact lives, motivate and inspire others and also share my love for lifestyle with the world

  • Abigail asked: Do men get scared of you and whats the worst thing you have heard about yourself?

Adohr: Lol i don’t think men are scared of me, but i know i can never be attracted to a man without a vision or someone who doesn’t know what he wants in life. Someone once said i am too ambitious (that is the most absurd thing i have ever heard)

  • Mo Asked: What is your favorite way to relax and unwind

Adohr: Nothing better than a glass of red wine, some good music or a book.

  • Onyeka Asked: What challenges do you encounter in running your business and NGO?

Adohr: I think the biggest challenge for me has been with finding the right team. The right team is everything in an organization, it is even far more important than money.

  • Gabriel Asked: Have you ever been wrong with an outfit?

Adohr: Lol yea, loads of times. I am not perfect

Gabriel Asked:  List 5 things that keeps a man fascinated and in true friendship with a lady

Adohr: Hmmm beauty is in the eye if the beholder, so a man will probably fascinated a lady’s ambition, character, beauty, confidence, her communication skills.

  • Chuks Asked: What prompted GHIEF for you and what was the biggest obstacle you faced.

Adohr: I started GHIEF because i wanted to touch and impact more lives in Nigeria and beyond, and i don’t think i have come across any big obstacle yet. I am enjoying every single process.

  • Grace Asked: How do we know the right partner/spouse for us?

Adohr: Hmm i feel and believe when you meet the right person you will know, your heart will just know. The right person for you will be someone that supports you, loves you, understand your vision and also wants you to live your best life no matter what, the right person for you will be someone that wants you to follow your dreams and be the best person you can be.

  • Lily Asked: What is your best makeup item and your favorite makeup product?

Adohr: I love foundations and highlighters(cant do without these 2) and i have a sudden love for lashes (even though i am not good at wearing them myself) and my current favorite make up item will be my Carli Bybel palette, Maybelline fit me foundation and Tarte eyeshadow

  • Kelechi Asked: What is your favorite lingerie color?

Adohr: Lol kelechi do you want to get me one, but i think black is sexy, you can never go wrong with a black lingerie or purple.

  • Kehinde Asked: When do you intend to get married?

Adohr: I have no idea, when the time is right i will get married, i am not in a hurry right now and i am not bothered about social or family pressure.

  • Lara Asked: Whats your best healthy food and snack and best skincare products

Adohr: I love salads and my current favorite salad is  Greek salad (I can even make it in my sleep), and for my favorite snack, i love fruits and currently apple and peanut butter. For skincare products (i have a lot), i am obsessed with coconut oil, vitamin C oil and loads of water.  I drink water like a camel.

I love all these questions and i will be doing this often, big thanks to everyone that sent in questions. Follow my personal snap @missadohr1 and get to know me better.





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  1. Quite agree with ur answer to Gabriel’s question????. Adding a quick one tho.. ur past shudnt affect ur present..we all have ghost…????

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