Be Single & Fly This Valentine



Photographer: @GottayPhotography

Dress: Mango (Valentine collection)

Jewelry: Pandora (Valentine Collection)

Makeup: FaithAdamsMakeup

Valentine’s Day is approaching,love is in the air,love and romantic songs playing on every radio stations,stuffed animals and love balloons everywhere you turn,but there is just one thing.  You are SINGLE again.

Instead of the pity party , sadness,moody mood and choking on chocolate,I am going to show you ways you can be single and fly this Valentine

-Get yourself a hair pamper day,do something different may dye your hair another color,get a new hair cut or even just try new hair products.

-Get a spa treatment: This is one of the best gift you can give yourself,book now for a spa day on Sunday and give yourself a treat.

-Shop shop shop: You have been working hard since this year started,you don’t need a man to buy you new clothes or shoes,or even that nice jewelry you want,this weekend give your closet a revamp and add some new goodies to your collection. Best place to shop this season is at Mango. Mango store has everything thing you want,and for jewelry best place is Pandora (I will show you some of the amazing pieces from their Valentine collection in a new post)

-Spend time with other single girlfriends: Round up your fellow single ladies for a night out or for a beauty retreat.

Being single on Valentine’s Day is not a bad thing at all,it is better to be single and happy than to be in a relationship and be so unhappy. So don’t sulk in your singleness and think you are miserable. It is better to  patiently wait  for Mr right instead of spending another Valentine day with Mr Wrong.

Use this opportunity to love yourself more and treat yourself better,I have realized that the more I loved myself,the more other people loved me. The better I treated myself,the better over people treated me.


Now go out there,love what you have and rock your single self confidently.




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