Be Your Own Hero


Everybody loves the hero. From an early age, we learn the hero makes everything better. The prince wakes a sleeping princess, the heroine triumphs over evil witches and stepmothers, spider-man saves the day, these are the stories we know from birth. When the hero swoops in, it’s nothing but happily ever after.

But there comes a time in your life where things are just not going right for you, no matter how hard you try, (and this is no movie), it almost like you can’t get anything right, no job, no partner, swimming in debt etc then you start to blame the whole world, looking for someone to save the day, save your life, wallowing in self-pity etc

Truth is that that person/hero you are waiting for may never come; you have got to save yourself, wear the cape and become your own spider-man/woman.  You cannot expect others to be there for you and help you along the way, because it all boils down to YOU. YOU have to work for YOU. YOU have to put forth whatever effort, to change your situation because it’s YOUR life. Don’t expect to rely on others consistently and don’t always expect others to encourage you when you are going through a rough patch in life.

And as long as you keep waiting, and wallowing in self-pity, things will stay the same so stop waiting, stand up, and save yourself. Yes there may be difficulties and challenges along the way, being your own hero isn’t about “easy” but it’s better than  waiting and waiting for a hero that may never come.

Being a hero means keeping your power by always taking full responsibility over the quality of your life and changing your situation. So my dear friend if you are going to be the hero of your life, of your story today, you need to remember that excuses and blaming others for the quality of your life is no different than kryptonite. And just like holding onto kryptonite, holding onto excuses and blaming others will only make you weaker,  when you become the hero of your own story  all negative and  bad things started dying no external hero required.

Remember the person with the most power over your life will always be the person looking back at you in the bathroom mirror every morning. Always remember that you are more powerful and stronger than you think. So instead of feeling down and wallowing in your own mess, defeat or failure  because no one is helping you, no one is encouraging you, shake all that negativity off and root for yourself, cheer your self , because  life is yours to create. You get to decide how bad things will affect you .Become your own HERO! YOU CAN DO IT!

“If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity.”-Steve Maraboli,




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