Best Affordable Makeup Wipes For Every Skin Type


There is nothing more amazing than taking off my makeup at the end of my day, as much as I love to put on makeup, I also love to take it off as fast as possible, I mean so fast that I start taking off my makeup in the car (Yes I always keep a wipe in my bag) on my way back home. Lately I have been asked about my best and affordable makeup wipes (because no one should spend a fortune on makeup wipes). My skin care routine starts with a makeup removing wipe (your makeup wipes should not replace your facial wash/cleanser). The makeup wipes are to be used for what they are created for and that’s to remove makeup. My top 3 affordable and amazing makeup removals are:

  • Classic Facial Cleansing Wipes
  • Clearasil Deep Cleanse
  • Purederm Acne Cleaning Tissue

I totally love these wipes because they contain ingredients such as : Tea tree oil (Tea tree oil is amazing for the skin, not only does it help with acne but it also works amazingly at giving you a more even skin tone. These wipes gives me all the amazing benefits of tea tree oil all while gently removing my makeup), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera etc. They also do not leave my skin too dry and they take off makeup perfectly. These wipes are all less than $5 (Two Thousand Naira)and you can get them at any local beauty supply store.

What are some of your favorite makeup wipes, comment below.




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