So everyone has asking me how am i losing the weight, what diet am i on etc…………well read and enjoy my  “bonus” article. These are the exact same rules i follow, but with commitment and dedication.

Hello Friend, I know “lose weight” was part of the resolutions you made for this New-year and now it seems difficult to do, but I can help you. Together we can do this!!Never fear!

To get on a good clean start you will need to get these items

1. A food journal and a pen

2. A good pair of running shoes

3. A simple mat

4. Skipping run

5. A small towel

6. Jogging outfits or a pair of leggings and sporty top

These will aid you effectively in your journey

Now here is what to do when losing weight

1. Get your mind right: Focus and commitment are the No. 1 prerequisites if you would like to change your body. Ask yourself, “If you could achieve anything with your body and you got everything you wanted physically, what would be different?” If this is truly what you want for yourself physically, what is stopping you from wholeheartedly committing yourself? I suggest you write it down.

2. Think wellness not weight loss: Do you only make good food choices when you are trying to lose weight? This could lead to rebound weight gain if you go back to your old habits once you’ve reached your goal. You have to eat every day, so why not eat better every day, do not eat after 7pm, and don’t eat carbohydrate as dinner e.g. Eba,Semovita etc. instead try fruits or even chicken and salad

3. Set reasonable goals: “Trying to achieve too much in too little time can actually set you back” so instead of trying to loose 20kg in one month set your mind to 5kg in a month

4. Drink lots of water: I personally drink 10 glasses of water everyday and this keeps me full and I don’t get hungry easily, drink  at least 6 glasses a day, it will keep you full and also help flush away all the toxins in your body

5. Say bye to soda:  Do not drink soda, juice, or anything else that is high in calories or sugar.

6. Keep a food journal: This will help you keep check of what and how you eat.

7. Exercise everyday: Make this a habit, even if it is running round your estate ,skipping or even yoga, but make sure daily exercise becomes your best fiend, if  you cant do it by yourself  register at a gym or get a personal trainer.

These are the tips helping me lose the weight and I so excited, if you have further questions or need my food recipes or advice please send email to are in this together friend xoxo



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