Bye March; Hello April


Can you believe it is April already? 2015 is really going by fast, I look back at the month of March and I am just grateful. It was the best month yet, because so many amazing things happened. It was also filled and packed with loads and loads of activities and work.


SISTERS NETWORK event organized by “The Adohr Show” happened, (check to view event/pictures) , it was also the official launch of Solange Hair and Beauty shop and products.


The first leg of the ADOHR KUSH entrepreneurship program for secondary schools in Abuja also ended in March, program continues in May.IMG_20150305_161008(Some of the girls of the entrepreneurship program with their homemade facials on)

Then personally, I joined a new gym, tried out new workout routines ; tried out new make-up and skin products (totally loving my Queen Helene mint julep masque), tried out new recipes (healthy of course), hung out with my friends…..we had an amazing picnic 2weeks ago. March was just so much fun.

I believe April will be better and greater. Happy New Month friends

Stay Inspired



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