Candle Obsession (Valentine Edition)


It is not news that I have a big obsession with candles! I love scents and fragrances a lot! I have so many favorites (Will do full review soon). Decorating my place and space so it looks so cozy and chic is very important to me. I found that candles and being surrounded by my favorite scents helps me relax and makes me at peace.

My current obsession is this velvet rose (It’s a paraffin soya blend candle) the scent of this candle is just perfect,it smells sweet,floral and very romantic but not overwhelming,so it is a balanced scent. The amazing thing about this brand is that they come in different scents and colour,this is just my favorite. In addition the packaging of this velvet rose is just so beautiful and so pinky. This candle is not just perfect as a gift,but it is also perfect for Valentine. So if you are looking for a perfect gift ,something romantic and pink for Valentine ,this is is the perfect gift.

This candle can be purchased at 4U store,Wuse 2 Abuja,Nigeria or any fragrance/candle store.

Tell my about your favorite scents/candles, I want to know!

Now let me go light my candle,curl up and watch Moulin Rouge



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