Cantu Body Butter


Hey friends,welcome back to my blog. I know I have been away for a while,I’m sorry.

I am back now,and I am loving the cantu body butter. I live in Abuja (Nigeria) and it has been so hot lately,combine heat with harmattan and you have the worst weather ever for your skin. Well for the past 2 weeks the Sun has been living in this city. The weather is too hot and dry,if you don’t moisturize your body immediately after bath or shower you will turn into a ghost,and if you use a very oil based body moisturizer and you have an oily skin, you will sweat all day.

I have been using Kush organics whipped body butter for a while now,but since the sun came to visit us and live in the city with us,combined with my oily skin,I decided to switch to cantu body butter which has Shea butter and everything I love. Kush organics whipped body butter is great if you have a very dry skin,but if you have an oily skin,please use a body moisturizer that is less oily!

Cantu body butter works great for me,and it smells amazing! I am totally in love.

But pheeeew this weather is unbearable hot and dry,I can’t even wait for the rainy season to be here.

What is your best body moisturizer,let me know in the comment section.

Love you friends and stay fabulous




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