Casual Slay In DZYN @ Tulip Bristo

Hey lovelies, welcome back to my blog, I hope we all had a great week. Congrats to the winner of the January giveaway, I will be rolling out all the goodies for February in my next post. On Thursday I decided to take a break off work to have some me time and girl chat with a dear friend. My outfit for the day was a DZYN long flowy dress, it was so comfortable and super chic.  This dress also has pockets and it is suitable for every size/shape. Best part of this dress is that it hid my big bulging stomach from all the food I consumed that day.

I had a meeting earlier that day, closed work early and went straight to Tulip. Tulip Bristo is one of my favorite restaurant in Abuja. Tulip Bristo tea room Is on my list of my happy places. I mean this Tea room is everything. I had the big English breakfast and some caramel chai tea (Best tea yet). My friend is vegan so she had the house salad and some fries. We talked about everything from food to life, blogging, business and investments, makeup and skincare etc.  We had a great time at Tulip.  This restaurant is highly recommended by me.





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  1. Oh, I know the feeling of big dresses, they are my go-to when I know lots of food is on the menu. The restaurant looks so chic and English. Also, anticipating your next giveaway.

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