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Hey guys welcome back to my blog, how y’all doing (In wendy william’s voice). It has a been a crazy busy week for me, i have spent a lot of days on the field than in my actual bed, don’t get me wrong i love my non profit and visiting these amazing kids but the stress is now taking a toll on me, so i have decided to just chill out this week.

Today’s post is all about skincare and why we should focus more on our skin than makeup.  I remember my mum telling my sister and i that the secret to a youthful glowing skin is to drink a lot of water and do not bleach the skin. I also asked one of most amazing woman i know Oluchi (Super model, mother, entrepreneur) her skincare secret and she said ” Exfoliate, drink water, moisturise and use good natural products . In this day and age, where almost every single skincare product contains some form of harmful ingredient, bleaching ingredient, it is so hard to escape the “do not bleach your skin” message.

The only way you can escape the bleaching craze, maintain your skin colour and a healthy youthful skin is to use natural skincare products. Lately i have been using some amazing natural skincare products but i will be focusing on just one brand today. This brand has become one of my favourite and i can not believe every singe product is handmade right here in Abuja Nigeria.

CocoTerra Naturals is a luxury, non-toxic line of skincare that is perfect for everyone,no matter your skin concerns. This is a brand that provides all natural bath and body products, all handmade. I met with the owner of this brand and she told me about how she came about this amazing company, i was also sent some amazing products that i tried out this week and fell right in love. CocoTerra Naturals turmeric & honey soap, Shea oil and their soy candle has my heart and soul. You will be able to maintain a very healthy youthful skin with Cocoterra natural, if you have an acne or eczema prone skin,dry or very oil skin, there is something for you at CocoTerra Naturals. This is by far one of the best luxury natural brand in Nigeria at the moment.

Skin Commandments

Your skincare routine should be more important than your makeup routine. Here are some of my favourites  skincare commandments.

  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! : Inside and out, ladies. Topical hydration is important, but properly hydrating your internal organs will have an obvious impact on the health of your skin. In addition to taking in the appropriate amount of water each day (3 liters is considered average, but you can always calculate the amount you need to be sure), you should also consider a daily supplement that will promote healthy and hydrated cells.
  • Always Check Ingredients: Do not buy anything you see, or buy a product because it worked for someone else, always check the ingredients and do your research. If you do not understand a formula, google is your best friend.
  • See A Dermatologist: As soon as i turned 25, i started seeing a dermatologist and this is a lifestyle i have come to enjoy and love, i think everyone should have a dermatologist best friend.
  • Always Use Sunscreen: The sunscreen in your moisturiser is never enough, get a separate sunscreen for your face and body
  • Fall In Love With Vitamins: As you grow older, vitamins should become part of your routine, i mean have your vitamins with your breakfast every morning. The most important vitamin for your skin as you grow older is Vitamin C.
  • Exfoliate: I can not stress this enough, but note that your expensive skincare products will never work an old dead skin, you have to scrub and take off your old skin by exfoliating at least once in a week. Exfoliating the skin leaves your skin soft, healthy and glowy. One of the best exfoliating scrub out there is Cocoterra natural scrubs in all kinds of flavours.

If you have any other skincare commandment, please feel free to comment below. To find out more about cocoterra naturals or to make an order, follow on Instagram : @cocoterranaturals or call 09081666665, 09081666663.



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