Countdown to 27th : 20 Lessons+ Birthday Giveaway


Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. This is my birthday week and i am just over excited and filled with so much gratitude. I can’t believe it is another year already, i mean i can clearly remember my last birthday, I remember a friend threw me a little brunch and i had drinks with another friend in the evening. I can still remember what i wore, down to the perfume i wore. It so surreal that its been a year already but i am so grateful. In one year i have learnt so much, although a lot of these lessons i have learnt before, but i became more aware of them this year.

Here are 20 lessons learned

  • I Don’t Have To Attend Every Event I Am Invited To: I know i am a blogger/influencer, but i have learnt that i don’t have to be everywhere all the time. These days i only attend events that adds value to me, value to my brand or even to the society. Really friends you don’t have to be seen everywhere.
  • Respect & Value Everyone’s Hustle: The rate i which i respect everyone and their hustle these days is at 200% . I mean i work so hard everyday, and i know what i go through and how unsmooth my journey is and i am so proud, but i can also relate to every creative person and i am totally proud of my friends and respect their hustle, and everyone’s hustle all the same.
  • Keep Somethings Private: In this age of social media, it is okay not to put all of your life out there, especially your relationships, intimate life etc. Its okay to protect your space and your private life.
  • Be Careful Of What You Post On Social Media: I have learnt to be very careful of what i post on social media, because google crawls what ever you put on social media get on google image or search and it may be so hard to get it down. Also whatever information is posted on social media can be used by a third party. To prevent any of this, don’t post things you are not comfortable with.
  • One Phone Is Not Enough: If you’re a business owner, creative entrepreneur etc, having just one phone is a no no. I had 3 phones in 2016 but i have no idea what happened to 2 of them, oh i remember i gave my sister one, but guys i am only left with my iPhone and i have hundreds of contacts on there, i get all kind of calls during the day or even at 1am, i can’t keep up, so i will be getting a new one soon and keep my iPhone strictly as a work phone.
  • Prayer works: This is a lesson i have always know, there is nothing like prayer. Prayer works,but one thing that changed for me in one year is that i can literally pray anywhere and anytime.
  • Meditation Is A Major Key: I started practicing yoga and meditation 3 years ago, but i took meditation very serious this year and i have failed more in love with me, and i can’t go a day without meditation. Meditation has keeps me anxiety free, and makes me worry less
  • Do Not Share All You Ideas With Everyone (especially so called mentors) :  There are so many idea stealers out there, they come to you as a mentor, or trying to help you, but all they want to do is pick your brain and steal your ideas. So when sharing your ideas with people, ensure that they are genuinely interested in you.
  • Not Everyone On Social Media Is Truly Living The Life They Post: This is not even a lesson, this is something that i know, and thats why i never ever get carried or jealous when i see a post on social media.  I mean except you’re an influencer or a blogger then that different, but i have seen persons go the extra mile to prove that they are living the life. I tell my mentees this everyday, do not compare real life to social media. A lot of people go broke trying to act rich, don’t let social media fool you. At the end of the day its all hustling.
  • You Do Not Need Connection To Make It: When i started my career and journey, i got a lot of “you have to know this person or that person” to get ahead, but i have come to see that even though having the right network is important, you can get what you want without going through some middle man or so called connection.
  • Save A lot: Dear friend, do not get broke trying to look rich, don’t spend what you don’t have, don’t spend on what you don’t need, i saved a lot this year and i am so glad i did. He who buys what he doesn’t need steals from himself.
  • Be Deliberate In Your Action: This is also another important lesson i learnt, and i live by currently. Don’t take any action because you’re forced to, pressured to or because you want people to like you, be very deliberate in your action. If i carry out any action now, it is because i have thought about it over and over and i am okay with any result or outcome at the end of the day.
  • It Is Okay To Be Selfish: When i mean selfish, i mean it is okay to look after you, i have become so selfish, that i don’t care who you are or what you are, if i see that you make me unhappy or i can’t stand your vibe, i will cut you off immediately. I also take alot of me time these days, i practice yoga, meditate, eat well, do what i want and when i want.
  • Never Engage In A Social Media Fight: If someone on social media tries to start a fight with me, i just ignore and block, i don’t even have time for such nonsense these days.
  • Be Kind To Others Without Expectation: This is a lesson i have always known, never do good for others, because you need something back.
  • Skincare Over Makeup: In one year, i have gone through a lot with my skin, and i have invested a lot in skincare products, i have also discovered that as i am growing older, a good skincare routine  is more important that a beat face. So these days i buy more of skincare than make up products
  • It Is Okay Not To Be Okay: I have come to embrace my down moments and days, the days when i feel down and low, i don’t try to conceal it or put on a big smile, instead i scream if i want to, cry if i want to but most importantly i count my blessings and give thanks
  • Enjoy The Process: I can’t emphasise on how much i love my journey and loving this process, i am so thankful for this path and i am grateful to God for everything i have accomplished so far.
  • Never Sleep With Makeup On: I swear i never learn, but i am trying . I often forget to wash my make up off, but i try my best to remember lately, infact i put it down in my to do list and that makes me remember.
  • Always Count Your Blessings/Give Thanks: There’s nothing greater or better than gratitude, i have come to learn to be so grateful for every single thing, even the most “insignificant” . I have seen that giving thanks always makes me so happy and also at peace. It also makes me see that i have come such a long way and i am on the right path.

I am so thankful for everything i have learned in one year, and i am so excited for my new year. I can not wait to say goodbye to this old age, and hello to the new age.  (My giveaway post will be in the next post, but it is a huge giveaway so you have to read and comment on this post to enter)



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  1. I was going to comment for the giveaway *cheeky grin* but as i read through, this piece touched my heart’s core. Everyday we learn that we have a lot to learn. It’s a down to earth piece.

    1. Thank you so much. xoxo

  2. Thank you for this Educative piece.
    It means a lot 🙏🏽

    1. You are welcome, thank you for reading. xoxo

  3. my fav ‘its okay not to be okay’ and I think people should understand this. Thanks for the lesson adohr.

    1. Thank you. xoxo

  4. The lessons are so relatable and always overlooked. I’m currently in the ‘selfish’ stage and receiving a lot of backlash from it.
    Thanks for sharing.

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