Depression: All that glitters……….


With the shocking death of the amazing great actor and comedian, Robin Williams, it has become even more clear that depression is real. It is one thing to be sad and disappointed, but depression is much much deeper. When we lose someone as prominent as Williams, of course we might ask ourselves why? He was such a successful individual. He had it all. He made everyone laugh. Why would someone like that commit suicide? But as the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold. Sure, someone may look as if they have an “ideal” life, they can appear to have it all, they can smile ear to ear every time we see them, but as we have seen clearly, they can be dying on the inside. There can be so much pain behind their
smile and we can be completely unaware of it.

Depression is not something to joke about. It is more than just a bout of the blues and something someone can just snap out of. It is in fact a mental disorder. It is not just white people that get depressed, it isn’t a western disease. No matter the race, sex, sexual orientation or socio- economic class, anyone can be a victim of this unfortunate disorder and the death of Williams is a clear indication of this.

Not only has the death of Williams showed us ever so clearly that depression is real and it can affect ANYONE, we can also learn a few other things as well.

Money isn’t everything-Of course we would love to be wealthy. We would love to have
millions and millions  at our disposal, to do whatever we please. We want to live comfortably, we want to have no financial worries, who doesn’t? But having millions upon millions, does not mean we will not face problems or challenges ever again. Sure a million dollar house, a luxury vehicle, latest gadgets etc are  all fine and dandy, because yes, wealth improves the quality of life. But what’s most important is our health, well-being and our peace of mind. Everything without happiness and inner peace is nothing. 

Pay Attention-When you notice a change in someone, whether it be their personality
and/or appearance (for the worse!), when their BBM status messages,tweets have you wondering what the hell is going on…..reach out. Pay attention to those around you. They might be fighting a battle internally and your encouraging words may just turn things around for them. If you know for a fact someone is going through something…reach out. Talk to them. Do not go all the way in on them and be rude and harsh and tell them they are trippin’ and they need to get over it. NO! Be supportive. Ask if you can help them in any way. Ask what’s been going on and be a shoulder for them to lean on. Let them know you are there for them. Be a listener and pay attention. You never know what might be going on behind their smile.

But on another note….

Get Help-If you are suffering with depression, help is out there for you. Do not feel as if you are in this world alone. You are not alone. If you aren’t that comfortable speaking to a therapist or counselor, reach out to a family member or friend. Someone you can be open and honest with who will not judge you. You have so much to live for and you CAN get through depression.





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