Well Monday is here again…. and it means the resumption of hustle and bustle, it is always so funny when I hear people complain about Mondays like it is a cursed day, to me the anticipation of Monday  means a new week of unlimited potentials. This may sound like a cliché, but each and every day is a gift.

Well everything has to do with positive thinking, Positive thinking has been shown to work wonders for motivation and personal attitude. Instead of rolling out of bed dreading the week ahead of you, find something to look forward to instead. By focusing on the positive rather than the negative, it is easier to find motivation quickly, and sustain it throughout the course of your day/week. Yeah, the work on a Monday morning may be hectic, or you get pissed by colleagues at work you still have to remain positive. You often get out of your day what you’re willing to invest in it, so start your day by thinking positive, and let the motivation flow.

Early morning motivation can be a tricky thing to find, but once you begin to practice it, it becomes second nature. This is what I say to myself every Sunday evening as I prepare for the working week ahead “ I am going to have the best week yet, I won’t  give in it haters or negativity” and I repeat it every morning when I wake up. This simple line keeps me highly motivated. You too can create your own personal motivation line and repeat every morning. By self- motivating every day, it’s easy to develop a more positive, enlightening view of the world, creating easier and lasting tricks that can improve the quality of life overall.

Stay on top your game with these few tips.

  1. Set Goals: Ideally on Sunday evening take time to think of the week ahead and plan.
  2. Have only 3 things on your to do list that MUST BE accomplished: Don’t try and fill your day with too much. Sure, you’d like to get a lot accomplished, but there should be 3 (only 3) important tasks that NEED to be accomplished. Focus on these first. When they’re completed, and only when they’re completed, are you allowed to move on to other things
  3. Workout everyday: Part of staying motivated is warding off depressive thoughts and being healthy. As soon as I wake up every morning, I brush my teeth, chug down 3 glasses of lemon water, put on my running shoes, leggings and a top and go for a run, days I can’t run I go to a gym, working out helps me stay motivated all through the week and healthy too. Find ways to keep your body active every day, it may not be running or going to the gym, even skipping goes a long way in motivation.
  4. Practice yoga/meditation: I started practicing yoga this year, and I must say I am at my happiest, so peaceful and calm. Take time  after work or before work to just get in touch with your inner self, it can even be during your prayer time/quiet time.
  5. Practice discipline: Discipline isn’t sexy, but it’s necessary. It’s in discipline that we gain freedom. We gain freedom to get more done, to improve, and to remove regret from our lives. When you’re focused only on today, doing only what needs to be done in the now, nothing else matters. But discipline needs to be practiced everyday
  6. Avoid unnecessary procrastination: Don’t be “ an all talk no action” person, don’t start what you know you can’t finish, always finish a task before moving on to the next
  7. Clean your environment: I am always so motivated when my room/ environment  is sparkling clean, I work better and faster, and I know that I have something beautiful to always come back to after the day’s work, clean your work space also, decorate and always spray it with your favorite scent, this will keep you so  motivated.
  8. Make a Difference: Commit to making a positive difference in the world. Even the following small actions can make a big difference in the life of another person and/ or the world: Volunteer your time for a good cause, Put a smile on a child’s face etc.
  9. Spoil yourself a little: Take time out during the week and do something nice for yourself, go out with a friend, see a movie or just go get a massage.
  10. Finally, learn how to acknowledge your hard work, learn to be happy and grateful for all the good things that happened to you during the week, be grateful for life and never forget to smile.

So go on, embrace Monday, and the beautiful week ahead. Don’t indefinitely delay happiness in your life or settle for being bored. Be inspired. Live with vitality. Enjoy life every day. Stay motivated.

Adohr. xoxo





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