Do Not Get Too Comfortable In Your 20’s

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So I will be a year older in a few weeks………..yes start getting my gifts ready LOL and I was recently chatting with my best friends on how far we have come and what we have achieved so far. We are not the same sweet 16 anymore; well it’s a good thing. Growth is good especially when growing in the right direction. But recently also so many people have been asking me questions like “when are you getting married”, you are getting old o (P.S I am not even in my mid-twenties…. ) and then some say “your mates are making/having babies, o well I am not my mates and everything will happen for me when it is right, It’s  also sickening to hear older individuals say, “Don’t worry; you’re only 20 something,” or “You have all the time in the world to figure out what you want to do.” Why do you want to achieve so much now… actually, no we don’t have all the time in the world, and the only reason you’re giving me horrible advice is because you didn’t maximize your years as a 20-something.

Right now in our 20’s we should focus on the important and necessary, challenge ourselves to be better daily. Do not be comfortable with average or being a mediocre. You have to leave your comfort zone to be the best and achieve the best.

I have had to push myself to limits. I remember my youth service days when I was given the option to either work in an office with AC and good pay at least for a corp member (when I mean work I mean I will be sent on errands, and handling/carrying file) I turned it down I didn’t want such “comfort” at that level and that was not the life I envisioned for myself at that stage, I needed to discover myself, make impacts and that wasn’t going to happen for me in such environment.

Your 20s are the most transformative 10 years of your entire life,  that 80 percent of life-defining moments happen before the age of 35. So if there’s something you want to change about yourself, now is the time to do it. As this life-defining things happens in your 20s, you need to take advantage of it.

Don’t settle; an accomplishment is like winning a battle, not a war. Where you’re at in life just isn’t good enough. Remember those goals and dreams you’ve always had? There’s no excuse why you can’t achieve them.

Even if you’ve tried and failed, there’s always another route to take or perspective to be examined. Continue to better yourself and maintain an eagerness to learn. Crave something that adds value to the person you are, and make investments in the person you want to become.

Celebrate and Live your 20’s to the fullest,discover yourself and your purpose on earth!

Happy International Youth Day




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  1. Nice one Rhoda, You inspire me a lot.
    Mediocrity and complacency are like our mantra in this part of the world.
    Well, there’s also laziness and conformity.
    Lord save us from us!
    “Teach us to number our days so we can apply our hearts to wisdom” The future is now!

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