“Don’t try to hide from your fears; they’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it”

I know even those of us who believed we’d traveled pretty far down our path of self-awareness or enlightenment still give in and can become paralyzed by fear. Fear places our excitement on pause. No matter how excited we intellectually recognize we are (by an opportunity, an experience, anything) fear possesses the ability to seize excitement and place it on hold.

This manifests itself in many ways and, if we aren’t vigilant, it can bring us to our knees.  So here are three key things you need to remember:

  • Overthinking everything accomplishes nothing: Yes, fear lets us fall prey to paralysis by analysis. When we allow fear to permeate our excitement it stops us dead in our tracks.  We become paralyzed by the mere thought of pushing past and making our way toward a more positive emotion.  We become stuck in the cycle of what if ____? …  conjuring mental images of various worst-case scenarios.  Our brain, riddled with fear, ceases to acknowledge past successes and becomes wholly focused on the perceived terror of the experience to come.  Unease and uncertainty paralyze us, and we become stuck in a downward cycle.

The solution?  Stop thinking and start doing…Don’t fear change.  Change fear.

  • You are good enough right now: Fear sparks the impostor syndrome. What if we aren’t good enough? What if we aren’t strong enough?  What if, what if…When we allow our brains to spiral into this thinking, we’ve surrendered control to fear.  We question the very opportunity we’ve received (the new job, the new boyfriend, etc.) because we are fearful others will discover who we really are.  Fears disrupt our ability to think clearly and experience the excitement the situation warrants.  Fear pauses our positivity because we’ve subconsciously convinced ourselves that in this situation we are frauds who aren’t good enough.  Fears lure our brain into thinking past successes have had nothing to do with us and were a result of luck or timing.  Excitement about the new opportunity is stopped.

You’ve got to flip the switch on this kind of negative thinking.  No one and nothing can make you feel inferior without your consent.  Period.

  • You are not alone in feeling fearful and alone: Perhaps the most powerful way fear places our excitement on hold is it signals us to retreat.  When we allow trepidation to override excitement we become simultaneously embarrassed and afraid.  We convince ourselves no one else has experienced what we are going through or would ever feel the way we do.  We become wrapped up in how overwhelming and powerful our fear feels.  Devoid of any joy, embarrassed and scared, we retreat into solitude and more overthinking, which in turn further feeds our fears.

But you are NOT alone! A whole lot of people have gone through this part of fear,but they didn’t surrender to fear,so when you feel down and out, fearful and alone,  talk to a close friend,read inspiring books,stay around positive people and most of all believe in yourself.




Push back fear and strip it of its power to place your excitement on pause. Seize the feeling of fear and shift it toward gratitude.  Remind yourself of the silver lining contained in every seemingly fearsome situation.  Take action.  Moving toward what we fear, gradually, is the first step in seeing the reality is never quite as scary as it seems.

Have an amazing week




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