Exquisite “Adohr” Dress

I love comfort, and I mean I love to be free in whatever I am wearing, if you read my previous post on my matchy matchy exquisite outfit , then you will know that I am in love with exquisite and their designs.I love the fact that most exquisite pieces are tailored for the everyday classy woman, super affordable, easy to wear and makes the woman appear chic and classy.

My current favorite piece is this blue flowing gown called “adohr”, its perfect for any occasion, dinner with bae, lunch with friends, vacation etc. I recently wore mine when I had breakfast at tulip bistro.

A little birdy told me that there is a 50% sales going on at the exquisite store, do not let this opportunity pass you by, all my favorite pieces including the “Adohr” dress is in store. (Shop 365Africa,cappador mall No Aguiyi Ironsi street, Maitam Abuja) . Follow @exquisite_ng on instagram.



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