For The Love Of Dashiki

image2Hey friends, lately I have been wearing a lot of dashiki (Dashiki is a loose, brightly colored tribal print shirt or tunic, originally from West Africa). It is so comfortable and can be worn in different ways, since I am in Florida and still trying to adjust to the weather, I pair mine with leggings or jeans. It is also for all ages, there is no age limit on dashiki, (even my grandma owns a couple). My best friend and designer #Nklassik recently started her own line of dashiki. They are bedazzled with stones and gemstones, and tailored to body size, that is why the only dashiki I buy Is from #Nklassik.


If you are in Florida, and want to purchase a dashiki for you or for your loved one, send mail to

If you are in Nigeria and want to make an order also send mail to above address.

Everyone should own a dashiki.





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  1. I want a Dashiki backpack and a purse. : )

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