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Okay i am so sorry for posting late, i know i promised to post more often this month,please forgive me. This month has been crazy busy for me and i was down with a flu,i am in fact just recovering. I promise to still share alot with you guys,especially some yummy recipes and work out routines. I am actually taking a break off work to share this with you guys as i type/

So i stumbled on this blog post this evening by one of my favorite blogger and i thought i should share it. i added a little bit of my experience and thoughts.


So prior to my 25th birthday i decided to make some drastic change and adjustments in my life, i actually wrote down a new resolution for myself. Since becoming an entrepreneur and running charity have learnt so much about life and people. i have met some amazing people and some not so great/nice people, some people just filled with hate,envy and deceit,who will even still warm up to you as a friend. But as i got older too i realized that is its not about having so many new friends but instead to have quality friendships. Negative and toxic relationships can wear off on you and like it or not, their energy will flow over into your own life. I now only surround myself with happy, positive, loving and supportive people and I feel happier because of those who I keep around me. i now surround myself with greatness.So if you need to get rid of some toxic people in your life, keep reading.

Not every friendship or relationship is meant to last forever and that’s ok! The guilt of cutting off someone you care about can be harsh but if someone isn’t bringing anything positive to your life then you are better off without. We’re all influenced by the people in our lives and I found that cutting out the negative people has been much better for me.


For some reason, there just are mean people in this world and some of them are even the closet people to you. This could be a significant other, a best friend . They aren’t the most supportive or say hurtful things to you and these people should be the easiest to cut out of your life.


Do you have that friend that is always wanting you to make bad choices? Skip this, eat that, do this, stay out this late, call off work … yeah it’s fun every now and then but you could really get yourself off track if you don’t have the will power to say no. you may enjoy it now but after awhile, you have to get your priorities straight and not fall into a cycle of bad behavior and lose complete focus


You know those friends who always just ask you for stuff all the time but never do anything for you in return? In my opinion this isn’t entirely bad, I love to do things for other people it makes me really happy. But if you feel like this is to the point where you are being taken advantage of then an easy way to stop this cycle is to just say no. If you stop doing things for them and they start distancing themselves, then you can tell they were in the friendship for the wrong reason.


Arrrgh i can not even deal with this category. It is like no matter what is going on, they always have something wrong with them. Never grateful. Speaking to them is draining because it is almost never anything happy….like virtue will literally leave you. Don’t get me wrong, if you need to vent or have a problem thats what friends are for to help you during tough times but when its more negative than positive,and almost like a self pity party all the time this could be effecting your own life just by being around people who are like this.


If you can relate to any of the types of people from above then you may be dealing with a toxic/negative relationship. But what happens next? To say “get rid of” sounds pretty harsh but there are ways to easily make life transitions to make YOU more happy.


If the problem is something that can be adjusted, have an open conversation with someone. I know this can be really hard but maybe the other person has no idea that what they are doing is even effecting you. Let them know how you feel, but don’t try to fix or change them. Some people this is just their personality so they likely won’t change especially the later it is in life.


Cutting someone off cold turkey isn’t the best way to end a friendship or relationship, after all you do care about them. People deserve an explanation even if it is a little harsh and truthful. After speaking to the other person in the above step, if their behavior doesn’t start to change find ways to slowly pull back. Whenever they engage in these negative behaviors, pull back a little more. Find new friends to spend time with, get a hobby, work on a special project. Find things that make you happy instead of returning to a negative friendship or relationship out of boredom.


If you’ve tried to tell them what the problem is and you’ve slowly pulled away from them and neither of these things are helping then its time to cut them off completely. This can be really harsh and very hard to do but the longer it goes on it isn’t helping either one of you. If you really feel like you need to get rid of them, you can always block their number so you won’t receive their calls or texts.


This is normal. Good news is, you have feelings and are a normal human being who doesn’t want to hurt others. i have always said that you hold the key to your own happiness!  so you need to look out for yourself and happiness first and that takes priority over someones negativity. Detaching from them emotionally is OK, so please don’t feel bad. Remember you are doing this for your own happiness.

I hope these tips helped you identify the types of people that are toxic and how to deal with them. Remember your happiness is the most important and always keep positive and supportive people around you! Need to share this message with someone?



(Big thanks to Marianna Elizabeth for the Original post)



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