Habits To Practice To Stay Happy Always


Happiness is not just a goal, it’s a fundamental human right- according to the United Nations, at least.

In 2012, The U.N. created the International Day of Happiness, which is a worldwide day that promotes happiness as a goal for all human beings. And to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the holiday on March 20, the U.N. and the holiday’s founder, Jayme Illien, are encouraging everyone to celebrate by sharing what makes them truly happy.

Happiness is a personal thing, limitless happiness takes a little work. So here are some tips/best habits to practice to stay happy everyday

-Smile always

-Work out regularly


-Manage the moody days, by either reading a book, treating yourself to something special or spending time with loved ones

-Do not over analyze or over think everything

-Do not compare your insides with other people’s outsides

-Give Back /Volunteer

-Spread love not hate

I hope these simple tips/habits will help you stay happy.

Happy International Day Of Happiness!

Tell me what makes you happy.






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  1. Hey Rhoda,

    I like “do not compare your insides with other people’s outsides.”

    This is a great and simple logic but one that is hard to practice nonetheless especially with the level of showiness on social media platforms.

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