Hair Game Changer You Need To Know: Natures Gentle Touch

I do not even understand how I came late to this game. I mean why am I knowing about Natures Gentle Touch now, but better late than never right.  I am a relaxed girl, and no offense to my natural sisters, but I can never be natural. My younger sister is natural and her hair is amazing, it is natural hair goals and her hair product line (Kush Organics) is everything (review coming up soon). I was natural for the first 19 years of my life and I think I have paid my own natural dues.

As a relaxed hair girl, I am always constantly looking for good/healthy hair products . I normally just relax my hair with regular relaxer, coconut oil and I’m good to go. 2 months ago my hair started breaking and I went into panic mode.  A friend of mine told me  about Natures Gentle Touch and I decided to give them a try. I reached out to the company  and had a phone consultation. A week later I  got a whole package of products for a relaxed damaged girl. I got everything from hair relaxer,  cholesterol , shampoo, castor oil, argan oil heat protection, olive oil, tea tree oil and so much more. I tried out the relaxer and shampoo, conditioner and I must say friends, my hair relaxed like never before, every single strand of hair got relaxed. My hair didn’t break, I didn’t get burnt by the relaxer, and it was all bouncy and shiny.  Natures Gentle Touch has definitely  stolen my heart, and I am officially sold. I was told that after some months of using this brand, I will have the best hair in the world.


Natures Gentle Touch has a whole range of product for both the relaxed girl and all the natural sisters. They also offer hair consultation services and professional treatment. They have some hair clinics in Abuja and Lagos.  I highly recommend this brand . Natures Gentle Touch is definitely  a hair game changer. You can get Natures Gentle Touch product (s) in any mall/store in Nigeria, also follow @naturesgentletouch on Instagram.



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