Healthy Eating On A Budget + Market Trip

Hello friends, welcome to my first food post this month. If you know me well, you know that i love eating healthy and living healthy. Contrary to what people think, eating healthy can be very affordable and doable, eating healthy is not just for the rich, have you heard that people who live in the village have a longer lifespan as they eat fresh food everyday and are not exposed to non organic vegetables and fruits. I have some thankful that i came across the one and only Oga Isa in Utako market, because he literally changed my life for the better. Myself and a fellow blogger Ummeeta visited the Oga Isa shop last week and got loads of veggies and food for under N2000, Ummeeta even got loads of veggies for N1000 ($3). Veggies and fruits we got includes: Kale, lettuce, sweet potatoes, spring onions, tomatoes, pepper, cabbage, pumpkin, chilli, ginger, reddish etc.

For the past few days i have been eating so healthy and some of my recipes are already here (For Greek Salad, Avocado toast, smoothie)

Eating healthy is so important and it can be so affordable, you just need a budget, a list of things you need and Oga Isa in your life. I mean i got a basket of potatoes for N400, for 3 bunches of Kale for N500 (if this isn’t a great deal, i don’t know what is). Speaking of Kale, i am currently having a plate of Kale sauce with brown rice. (Check out my next post of the recipe). 2018 is about eating right, living right and living intentional.



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  1. we all need an Oga Isa in our live… lol

    1. Yes we do.

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