Healthy Eating;Happy me (Part 1)

Taking time out from inspirational posts to share my recent amazing healthy recipes with you

Yall know I love good food, not just any kina food, I mean food with details, healthy and nutritious and I am a passionate cook.

I eat for health and happiness and real food makes me happy! This is a lifestyle and I’m very passionate about it. The reason we should eat healthy is to keep the body healthy and strong, and a healthy body leads to a happy mind

Someone asked me recently “Rhoda where do you find the time to make good food”

My reply “If i can find time for work,meetings etc then i can find time to nourish my body,and that is  with good food,exercise, rest”

Okay lets get to it,  before I go on, I am so inspired by my girl Lola King, she is an amazing cook. Check out her blog for recipes, sometimes I look up Lola blog for some  twist in my cooking, just to add something something, I have also made some amazing dishes using her recipe.

Recipe 1



Get the recipe from

I followed the procedure of the her recipe but used minced chicken instead and also included cauliflower


Recipe 2

Spicy veggie potato

20 Small potatoes (Donot peelskin but wash properly)

Carrot,Dill,Cauliflower,Parsley,Celery,Ginger,Onions.Garlic,Turmeric,Rosemary,Curry.Extra virgin olive oil

Salt/pepper/spices (I used some Israeli spices)



  • Put pot on fire, fill it up with water halfway and let It boil
  • Put washed potato (with skin on) into pot of boiling water
  • Add salt, stock, onions, ginger, and garlic (diced) into the pot. Let it cook for 10minutes
  • Add water (like a cup),spices, oil ,carrot and let it cook for another 5minutes
  • With a fork break the potatoes in the pot (Do not over-break)
  • Add your celery, parsley,dill and black pepper
  • Stir and remove from fire


Recipe 3

Couscous and vegetable sauce


Couscous,Parsley,Dill.Bell pepper (yellow,orange),Red Chili (blended),Zucchini.Ginger, Garlic,Brown onions,Cauliflower,Extra virgin olive oil


  • Make vegetable stock from your favorite vegetables (I used carrots,cabbage,celery)
  • Remove vegetable from water and pour in your couscous, set aside
  • To make sauce, cut all veggies and set aside
  • In a sauce pan, pour in your EVOO, sauté garlic and onions,add all other veggies (aside celery)and let it fry
  • Add in your blended red chili, and celery
  • Season to taste
  • Serve with couscous


Recipe 4

Rainbow salad

Red cabbage, Cucumber, Carrots, Lettuce.



  • Wash, cut, toss
  • Eat with dressing or without dressing (I eat mine without, just toss with a lil lemon juice)

Real healthy food tastes amazing, real healthy food is fresh and real healthy food is good for your body and mind!

Try out this recipes and share with friends and family…..



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