Holiday Season Is Here + My Early Christmas With Kambil

Happy thanksgiving to all my American readers and followers, i am so thankful for you all. Everyday is a thanksgiving day for me, as i am always grateful and thankful. However i know today is extra special, and i hope you are celebrating with your loved ones and friends.I have been feeling extra christmassy this year, and i really can’t wait for December to be here. One of my current favourite brand, and a brand giving me the extra christmas feel is Kambil. Kambil is a floristry and gardening company in Abuja city. On Monday they sent me the most beautiful bouquet of fresh roses and hydrangeas. I couldn’t believe that a floristry company like this existed in Nigeria. Do not get me wrong, i have received flowers before and i know a lot of floristry company but kambil is different, Kambil gives me the Venus Et Fleur feel (if you know what i mean). The little note i received with my package literally blew my mind. The sweetest gift yet.I was on a day leave, preparing my christmas gift ideas list when i received my package, it was a beautiful day and i decided to take some beautiful shots with my bouquet. Monday was a very relaxing day for me, i call it resting with no obligations, was just in my silk robe, christmas cap, chilling with my assistant and taking pictures (and yes everyday-25th December is christmas for me). Kambil is on my must have gift for christmas. It is just perfect, i mean its been 5 days since i received my gift from Kambil and the flowers are still all fresh and popping. This type of gift is perfect for the interior deco lover, luxury lover, a blogger, a new mum, your girlfriend or wife. Expect to see more of Kambil on the blog soon.

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  1. Beautiful flowers and classy arrangement!

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