How I Balance Running A Blog, A Non-Profit & Other Business Ventures

I’d be lying if I said the trick to run a blog, a non-profit and all my other business ventures was easy, I mean I feel fulfilled every day, I am enjoying the entire process but it is not easy. I have however developed a few tricks and key things that has helped me gain balance and also fuel my drive, focus and dedication.


TIME MANAGEMENT/PLANNING : I must admit I have become an expert when it comes to  time management, I start planning my week every Sunday afternoon and I plan down to even my social media posting. I plan when to blog, when to have meetings, when to carry out my chores, appointments, production meetings etc I mean I plan everything. The last thing I want to do is suffer from a burnout because of lack of planning.  I also add like a time factor to all my daily schedule, I also ensure that in a day I have a “me time” a time I take out just for me to breathe and relax even (if it is for 15mins).  I also love to plan my off days, days I commit to doing nothing but focusing on me. I always take out one day in a week to do this. On my off days I rather go get a manicure or pedicure, go see a movie, try out a new restaurant or read a book.

THINK BIG: Whenever I get tired or feel like giving up, I remind myself of why I started in the first place, I think big, I Think long term, I think about the future. It can be so hard sometimes, there are days I go to bed sore, with  multiple body aches probably from my non-profit field work and I will have to still wake up early in the morning to start my day, I call days like this my trying days, I always have to self motivate before I sleep and self motivate when I wake up. I remind myself that all these stress and work is just for now and wont last forever.  I wont be working like this forever, I know in the next 4-7 years I will have loads of people (probably in hundreds all over the world ) to take off some work load for me. So now the aches, pains, long nights etc are all worth it. I am thinking big, dreaming big and thinking long term.

LEARNING HOW TO SAY NO: In balancing my life, I have learnt how to say capital NO, if it doesn’t fit into my plan I am not interested. If It is not adding value to me in anyway count me out. I have discovered that Nigerians love meetings so much, so these days I have cut down on meeting attendance, these days I prefer we FaceTime or mail each other, if a meeting is very necessary then we plan for a meeting, if not the answer is NO. In fact, saying no is a huge benefit to your business because it helps you focus on what really matters in terms of growth. These day anything that will waste my precious time I let it go like frozen …Let it goo, Let it goooooooooooooo

PUTTING MYSELF FIRST: This trick has helped me a lot in my business and with balancing my life. In putting myself first, I am putting everything and anything that adds to my life, my growth, my business and organization first. I am not afraid to cut out anyone or anything that makes me sad and unhappy. I will brutally remove every form of negativity around me without apologizing.  Putting myself first means ensuring I am sane at all times, because my sanity helps a lot with how I run my companies.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: If you are in my shoes too, then you have to know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key, so always hydrate, workout regularly, eat loads of fruits and veggies and also try and much as possible to sleep for 7-8hours everyday. I know this can be hard, but go on a phone detox, that means put off your phone, and do something for you during the detox hour. I never play with my health because a sick Rhoda can never achieve anything.




5 Replies to “How I Balance Running A Blog, A Non-Profit & Other Business Ventures”

  1. This helped a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing Rhoda, everything you listed I try to do, this is even more motivation. Great blog girl!

  3. I’m sure I visited your blog today for this (just when I thought it was food that brought me here cc – post on TulipBistro) but I see the real reason.

    Great post! Sadly, I doubt Id ever get 7-8hours of sleep anytime soon in this life (considering my 8 – 5 and other involvements) but I can try to work that out with better time management. Trying, but from your post, it seems to help better so, more ‘try’s’.

    I definitely agree with putting yourself first, I’m just doing that more now and there is something it definitely arranges in your psychy… Feels like I’m just living! Again, great post and more grace????.

    1. Awww, well done darling, and yea putting yourself first is very important. xoxo

    2. Thank you so much Jasmine. xoxo Adohr

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