How To Commit To Your New Year’s Resolution

It is that time again, the time to make resolution and promises to yourself, the time to say I am going to lose this weight in 2017, I will stop this habit, I will stop procrastinating etc. It is that time of the year again. Have you ever thought for one second why you never keep to your promises or even all your resolutions you have been making all these years, maybe they are not just realistic enough or you do not know how to commit. So my question to you today is “how can you commit to your 2017 resolutions?”

First, you have to really want to do it… There’s no way you can do something if you don’t prepare yourself mentally for what you want. No matter how many promises you make, if your mindset is not there, you won’t commit. So here are some tips to help you commit to your new year’s resolution

  1. Make Realistic New Year’s Resolutions. Don’t go all out to start…a 360º life change takes time. Much like starting to exercise, do it step by step, not rushing any situation. If you do want to get in shape, start by setting small goals like running 3 times a week or cutting back on sugar/carbs and only eating it 3 times a week.
  2. Know Your Weaknesses. If you recognize and realize what your weaknesses are, you can work from there. If you want to cut back on your shopping habits, stop browsing online. If your resolution is to break up with someone, be prepared for what the other person might say to you to persuade you not to. If you know you’re not a morning workout person, find time to do it at lunch time or later in the day. Write your weaknesses down if you have to.
  3. Be Ready To Commit. Change is one of the hardest things to do as human beings. It’s not easy; it takes a lot of effort, sweat, tears, and even beating your own fears and insecurities. That’s why making realistic resolutions is the best way for you to be all in. You’re not setting yourself up to failure if you know your weaknesses and know you have the strength to really commit.
  4. Find someone to do it with. You can always ask for help; the highest sign of humbleness. If you know that you cannot pursue your resolutions alone, ask for someone to do them with you. Find a workout buddy, learn a language with your mother, take a course with a friend, get a coach, go on a diet with your husband. As long as you’re both motivating each other, that’s a great way to do it.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up about it. The problem with resolutions are the high expectations we throw ourselves into. Motivation in the beginning is at 100%. But day by day, it decreases and we are faced with dealing with our own frustrations. If you’re committing to something and failing, go back to step 1. Set realistic goals, and ask yourself how you can do them without constantly feeling beat up about it
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