How to Create a Functional Home Office


As an entrepreneur, most times I work from home, at first it wasn’t so easy for me because of all the distraction, but once it became official that my home would habitually become my workspace I had to revamp so many things.

So I found a space in the dining area and tuned it to a mini office,if I am not going for meetings or working outside, I am home in my mini office. I am still in the process of getting everything together and buying one or two things to decorate the office. I know I am not the only entrepreneur that works from home,and I know how it can be hard separating the distractions from home,that is why I want to show you how to create a functional and inspirational home office.

The perfect Desk and Chair: As I said earlier, I have a mini office in my home. I got a perfect desk big enough for my laptop and other office essential, and a very office like chair, that is comfortable enough, you don’t want to be too comfortable when working from home, if not you wont get things done. Make sure the height of the chair is right for your desk.  Also when getting a table think about future state, are you going to get a bigger laptop or desktop etc. Consider this when getting a chair and table.

Office Essentials: What are the most important things for your work space,what do you use often to work, you have to keep those items on your desk. Such as notepads,stationaries, your ipad,phone,highlighter or even beauty products such as lip balms,hand cream,hand sanitizer etc. Make sure they are always organized on your table.

Lights: Lights are very important to your work space,either natural light or artificial lights,so you can work with natural light in the morning and put on your lamp at night,also the lamp will make the desk look very pretty.

More Details: Just because I am obessesd with candles,i always have one at my desk,you can add candles to your workspace,some form of  artwork or even a moveable  vision board that you can hang when you want to work,this will keep you very motivated. it is your job to create an inspirational,functional and motivational workspace that keeps your mind engaged.

Arrange and Create flow: Always arrange and create a work flow, do not mix up everything,arrange and avoid clutter.

Look for and Borrow Ideas: Look for other ideas on instagram or pinterest,I am always looking for cool office ideas on instagram. These social media pages are amazing for inspiration. So If you see something you like you can pick one of two things and add to your work space. Remember it is your workspace,make it inspiring.

PS: I am totally loving the home office of Kourtney Kardashian. Just so beautiful #Goals


Lastly, make sure you stay focused when working, give yourself a time schedule and also plan your day. This way you get things done and you wont be distracted.




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