How To Effectively Plan For The New Year

Hello beautiful people, welcome back to my blog. 2017 is weeks away and I know a lot of us have already started planning, I bet some people already have new year resolutions, but friends I want to ask you this question, how many resolutions of 2016 did you follow through, if you didn’t follow your resolutions through in 2016, why write a fresh one for 2017, why deceive yourself and join the gang of new year resolution writers. What you should be writing down are all the reasons why you did not follow through/keep your 2016 resolutions, write them down and find a solution. This activity will help you write a more realistic and doable goal/resolution for 2017. Also write down all your achievements in 2016 and summarize what you did to achieve them. This activity will motivate you to achieve more in 2017.

For you to have an effective plan for next year, you have to start now. Do not wait until January 1st 2017 to plan. I have already started planning for next year, putting down all my goals (short-term and long-term), resolutions. I am also planning my finances, travel plans, work plan, blog plans etc.

First of all your goals/resolutions for 2017 must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based, small, and challenging. When making your plans, here are somethings I would love you to include:

  • Friendship plan: Lol I know this title is funny but the friends you keep play a very important role in achieving your goals and objectives, ensure that for next year you keep friends or groups that will help you achieve your plans and goals, or at least motivate you to do so. For example, If you want to lose weight, have friends that will motivate you to go to the gym, workout, eat healthy.
  • Progress track: In your planner, include “Track progress” , a lot of people don’t track their progress and it Is important to track your progress on your goals/resolutions, to know when you have reached your milestone
  • Time management/structure: This is probably the most important element. A lot of people didn’t achieve anything or probably achieved very little this year because of poor time management. So as you go into the new year, ensure you find ways to schedule your time, this will help you be more productive and effective
  • Dream Big: A lot of people are scared of dreaming big because they fear the unknown, they will rather want to remain average and basic than take a step further. Dear friend when writing down your plan for next year ensure you write this “Dreamer………(Put your name beside dreamer). Do not limit yourself in 2017.

If you need help with structuring your plans do not hesitate to contact me. Email:

Happy Planning



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  1. Lovely and full of awesome and helpful tips. Thanks for the guide.

  2. Tamarasinla_xo says:

    So not limiting myself in 2017. Thanks for the guide

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