How To Make Realistic New Year Resolutions

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2016 is just hours away  and with every New Year comes a slew of new resolutions.  A lot of us are certainly guilty of making grand plans for January 1st, only to have broken every single one by the end of the week.  It Is time you make achievable goals. I’ve gathered a few tips for making goals that are realistic and goal that sticks.

-Evaluate the past year: What habits have you acquired or continued over the past year?  Which habits do you want to keep? Which habits do you want to change? Write all of these down so you have a realistic inventory of your goals.

-Make your goals: Now that you’ve evaluated your habits over the past year, write up a list of goals for the next year. For example, I found myself not really having enough alone time in 2015 and so this year 2016,i have decided to find time to spend more time with myself.  Whatever your goal is, write it down. If you want to be more healthy in 2016,write it down.

-Create action plans: Now that you have your goals, create realistic action plans to achieve these goals. For one of my goals to spend more time with myself, I plan to stay off my phone more, go to the park, read more books, meditate more.   If yours is a healthy lifestyle, a good action plan would be to cook healthy food, a very realistic plan would be to have healthy food in your fridge, and work out three days a week.  Just make sure that all your  action plans are realistic for your lifestyle.  Just make sure that your resolutions are the ones you can realistically achieve. Do not just copy trend and another person’s resolution.

-Make resolutions that make you happy: Ultimately, every resolution should be something you truly want for your life.  Whether it be alone time, patience, kindness, fitness, or organization, resolve to fix problem areas in your life to make yourself happier.  When you are happy, you make others happy.  Truly a win-win.

Be patient and be willing to put in more effort: The reason that resolutions fail is that people don’t put in enough effort to allow them to succeed. You work out for 2 days and see no result and then quit, it doesn’t work that way, you have to patient and put in more effort in what ever you want to achieve in 2016. That is why your goals should be as realistic as possible.


These are my simple tips for planning for the new year and making  realistic New Year’s resolutions.  Keep your main focus on things that you can actually achieve (and want to achieve!). If it’s doable and you’re passionate about it, odds are your resolutions will be successful.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

Tell me about it.



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  1. Realistic is the operative word there…

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