How To Plan Your Week

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Hello Friends, welcome to my blog. I hope you are well prepared for the new week. Planning your week and putting down all your appointment and events in order is the major key to a very effective/ productive week. To be able to plan, you need the following:

  1. Pen
  2. Journal/Planner
  3. Sheet of paper
  4. Marker or highlighter
  5. Calendar

Then you proceed to doing the following:

  1. Pause and Reflect. How’d it go last week? On a sheet of paper, jot down a few reflections about the past week, and  how you feel you performed, were you productive?, were you effective?, were you prudent? ask your self these questions. Then chuck that piece of paper. That was last week. Now Take a few deep breathes, let your brain have some oxygen, maybe wave your arms around and dance to Rihanna “work”. The point is to connect to your body and get out of your head for a minute. Now, prepare your head for this new week.
  2. Planning The New Week. On your journal, list down everything you have to do this week. List down all the important appointments you have this week. Next, on a separate page start to prioritize. List all the important events at the top and least important at the bottom, add dates and time to these events. Now put the days of your appointments and events on your calendar (you can use a highlighter or marker to mark these days). This way you get to see your list of events both on your journal and your calendar.

These are very simple and easy steps to follow when planning your week. Have a great week friends.




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