How To Stay Motivated For The Next Six Months


Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. Can you believe it is the last day in June, I mean we are going into the second half of the year, time truly waits for no one.  So friends, here is how to stay motivated for the next six months.

  • Make a List: So for the next six months, write down things you want to achieve. You can make a list in order of importance or priority. Include every single thing you want to achieve, even down to the smallest goal.
  • Squad Goals: Having a good group of people around you from family, friends and co-workers are really important if you need help staying motivated. It’s so nice to have that friend who encourages you. That friend who says come on lets just go work out. A family member who encourages you when times are tough. Its OK to lean on the people around you.It is so true about who you surround yourself with, because having the right kind of people around me helps me stay motivated.
  • Make Time For Your Goals: For you to achieve your remaining 2016 goals, you have to make time. You can not say ” I want to lose weight” then never work out, you will so go into 2017 fatter than ever, or say “I want to have a very clear skin” but you never wash your face at night or you go to bed every night with makeup on. Schedule your day and also find time to work on your goals.
  • The “WHY” Factor: Ask yourself, why this goal, why do I want to achieve this so bad, whenever you feel down and lazy, ask yourself ” what is the purpose of this goal, task etc.”
  • REWARD YOURSELF: Do not be too hard on yourself this next six months, when ever you accomplish a goal, reward yourself, if you lose 10kg in a month, a cheat meal once the following month is not a bad idea, or reward yourself with a nice dress. When ever I work really hard on a project, I reward myself with something nice, and I am charged and super motivated to continue working on other projects.

I hope some of these tips help you say motivated, I wish you all the best in the next six months.




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