I Ain’t Sorry: 7 Things You Should Never Apologize For

I’m gonna turn 26 soon, and if there is anything I have learnt since I turned 25 is to say “I ain’t sorry” (in Beyoncé’s voice) to so many things and situation. Often, we apologize because we worry too much about what other people think, or because we put their feelings above our own needs. I have learnt that there are many situations where an apology is unnecessary. So here are 7 things you should never apologize for

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  • Never Apologize for not wanting to get married or have kids: I know some people will hate me for this, but it is the plain truth, you do not have to get married or have kids if you do not want to, and do not apologize for it, it is your life, you decide what you want, as long as you are not hurting any one, do as you please. So many people are being forced into marriage these days and they never last long. If you are married and do not want kids immediately or want kids at all, that’s perfectly fine, you do not have to explain to anyone or apologize for it. Remember you are the CEO of your life, we all need to stop worrying too much about what other people think. Just do you and do what works for you.


  • Never Apologize for saying NO: Growing up I always felt so bad, I mean so bad whenever I said “NO”, but not any more. Now I realize that respecting my own limitations is a sign of self respect. If I cannot give 100 percent to something I should never apologize for saying no. Say No in a polite way and move on.


  • Never Apologize for taking personal time for yourself:  Everyone needs a little “me” time every once in a while. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed for requesting some time for yourself. Always take care of your own needs and take “me time” to do things that make you happy.


  • Never Apologize for following your dreams or dreaming big: I do not even get people that call me too ambitious or a big dreamer, please never apologize for dreaming big or following your dreams, your dream makes you who you are. Find your purpose and go after it.


  • Never Apologize for cutting friends out: Some friends who made sense in your life in your late teens and university years might no longer be a good fit for you. If you think that you have toxic friendships weighing you down, don’t feel bad about cutting those friends loose. It will only get harder when you get older. Be mature and polite about it, but don’t be sorry for doing what’s best for you.


  • Never Apologize for your style: I am currently loving my fashion style and I do not apologize for it in anyway. I have evolved a lot and I love it. If your clothes/style makes you happy and you look good and feel well-defined, the people around will have to take it or leave it. Always dress for yourself and never change your style for anyone else.


  • Never Apologize for ending a negative relationship: You should never say that you are sorry for letting go of someone who hurts you. Understanding an unhealthy relationship holds you back from reaching your full potential is a huge step forward. Be proud and surround yourself with people who celebrate your courage.

Finally never apologize for being amazing.




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