It Is Almost That Time Of The Year

You all have to agree with me that it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, I mean everywhere I turn I see Christmas decorations, I hear Christmas music everything looks so bright, red or green. I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday, but this years Christmas is going to be totally different. You ask why! Because I have already started planning all my December events. I do not want to be stressed one bit, I want to really enjoy my holiday with friends and family. Christmas this year falls on a Sunday which makes it very scary for me as I may be able to escape cooking loads of food for guest, but as I said earlier, I am already super planning. I think you should join me. Let us all quit the last minute cycle. I have gone through this cycle for the past 4 years, always running up and down like a mad woman to get gifts, groceries, attend events etc. NO MORE LAST MINUTE CYCLE.

The holiday season comes with a great need to be at your utmost best both physically, mentally and emotionally. The holiday season Is always loaded with parties, concerts, dinners, travelling, visiting friends, church services. If you do not plan properly all of these events can weigh you down. Christmas is now 39 days away.

holiday-1Here are some tips on how to plan and stay super organized

  • Make a shopping gift list
  • Make a general list of all the things you need to get done
  • Buy all you bulk groceries now (This will help you cut cost, as prices may go up)
  • Make A Budget
  • Make a “You” day (Take time out to rest yourself)
  • Take a fast cooking class (If you want to make something special and different for your family: follow me on snap chat, I will be rolling out holiday recipes in coming weeks (@missadohr1) )
  • Book you ticket now (If you plan on travelling for the holiday)
  • Pack early (If you are travelling, start sorting out your holiday clothes, so you miss out on any item when travelling)
  • Stay fit and healthy (Work out constantly)
  • Decorate early
  • Get Your Invitation Out Early (If you are hosting a party)
  • Order for your desserts/hamper early (Caketown is now taking orders for Hampers/Christmas cakes, call: 08185606502 to order if you are in Abuja, Nigeria)

I hope take advantage of this tips and have the best holiday yet.




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  1. Tamarasinla_xo says:

    Working on it….. Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance.

    1. Merry Christmas Darling!! xoxo

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