A month of preparing for the rest of the year, putting pen to paper, meetings with partners and clients, paying several trips to my lawyer’s office.Launching the entrepreneurship program between my company Adohr Kush LTD and  schools in Abuja City.  I mean, January was the month of work,recognition, surprises(surprises that made me scream) and stress but it wasn’t until my body broke down I decided to slow down on all the work. I started reading also, making and trying out new recipes (desserts&vegan recipes) for my cookbook,will share some on this platform soon. Four books made it on my read list in January; I finished 2 of them on the 3rd one now. (Join my Book-club and become a lover of books too)

January was also the month of celebrations, planned a surprise party for a dear friend, and also threw a party for my little cousin. We did have some crazy cold temperatures and conversely, extremely hot days in January. I couldn’t stand the cold,but the  heat was cray cray too. The heat made me fall in love with my homemade iced-green tea..yum! Had my first juicy mango this year on the 30th of January,so the season of Mango is upon us. I am so excited.

I achieved 85% of my goals for January. January was a pretty decent month.

Too grateful.

Share with me,how did January treat you.

What was your favorite part of January?




  1. Mine was getting to spend time with the people I met in December last year, people of like mind, bonded and got to work out a few plans together. Also helping to promote some Artistes friends……when someone smiles and says “Thank you, God bless you”, that’s an amazing feeling. Also being taught by the awesome and wise Dr. Bill Winston; reminding me that God is not on a budget of blessings and I can have good success based on what I believe and say.

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