Journey To A New Chapter: 5 Major Things I Have Stopped Buying


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog.

I am so happy to be blogging again. In the coming weeks I am going to be sharing so much about my life and journey. If you know or follow me, you’d know that my birthday is almost 2 months away and this birthday is a major one for me as I will be turning 30 (JEEEZZZZ). I cannot believe this, a whole 30.

I am very excited and nervous about this new chapter in my life, I have no idea of what this chapter will bring and I think that is what makes it more exciting.

I have learnt so much about my life in my 20s that I want to share some of my lessons, failures, wins with you guys. Today I want to share 5 major things I have stopped buying and this has saved me a lot of money so far.

  • CHEAP SKINCARE: “Just because you are buying cheap, doesn’t mean you are actually saving” If you know me, then you already know how much I love skincare products and how I spend so much on them. I bought some cheap skincare products in the past that damaged my skin and even cost me more in fixing the damage. That is why I decided to never buy a skincare product that is ridiculously cheap with terrible ingredients. There are so many amazing affordable skincare products out there that gets the job done but majority of very cheap skincare that you find in most random places are bad, filled with steroids and other terrible ingredients. I will rather spend money on a high end skincare brand that will get the job done, help my skin and save me money. (Trust me, dermatologist and aestheticians are very expensive)
  • MAGAZINES: Through out my 20s I bought hard copy magazines. I am a lover of magazines and I collect every single one of them but I discovered that I spend almost NGN 40,000 on these magazines almost every month. This is because I live in Nigeria and all foreign magazines sold here are almost triple the original price, these days If I want a hard copy magazine so bad, I always ask friends coming from the US or UK to bring me a few of my favourites
  • MAKEUP: I have saved so much money since I reduced my wear of makeup to just events and special occasions. On an everyday basis, I do not wear makeup. This has really helped my pocket and I have saved so much money from this. I will also rather spend money on buying good makeup, rather than random cheap makeup that will affect my skin. I think I am going to become a minimalist when It comes to the makeup products I own, once I hit 30.
  • COFFEE & TEA: Another thing I have spent so much money on in my 20s is tea and coffee. I am a tea addict and I just buy tea any time I get the chance, most of the time I may not even open these tea packs until weeks or months later. This year I haven’t bought any tea, as I vowed to finish all the tea packs I own. Now I request for tea or coffee as a gift from friends whenever they travel abroad. This way I get to save tons of money by not spending so much on the over priced tea being sold in the country.
  • EXPENSIVE COCKTAIL: Chai after all the headaches I get the next day after drinking so much cocktails a night before, I decided I NO DO AGAIN. I mean some these cocktails cost NGN 3000- NGN 6000 and I can have 2 cocktails at a sitting when Im with friends, I spend so much money on this and I do not really enjoy the after effect, I have been in quarantine for so long to realise that I spend so much money on cocktail and drinks. I still have a cocktail once in a while but I share with my boo or I just make mine at home which is waaaaaay cheaper and comes with no headache.

These are some of the things I have stopped spending money on, I am sure I will add to the list soon, but for now this is it. What are some of the things you have stopped spending money on?

Also guys I need your advise, what are some ways you’d suggest I celebrate my 30 as we all know this is corona season and my original plan has been ruined. I will love your ideas and suggestions.

I look forward to this new chapter in my life and also celebrating this chapter with you all.




12 Replies to “Journey To A New Chapter: 5 Major Things I Have Stopped Buying”

  1. Awwwn, cheap skincare got me there… is it all this cheap organic skincare products they sell online these days.
    Happy birthday in advance!!!
    Have you thought of having a small picnic amongst few people that are close to you for your birthday.

    1. Yes oo, say No to cheap skincare. Thank you so much for the birthday suggestion and thank you for reading. xoxo

  2. I ld be turning 30 too in September and I really do not have plans. I think the best thing to do is probably have a photo shoot for memories. Celebrate that day with your family and close friends at home and just have fun.

    1. Awww happy birthday in Advance too, yes I am planning something big creatively and since Corona has spoilt my original plans, I guess I will be having a birthday with the family and loved ones. Thank you for reading. xoxo

  3. Lola Williams says:

    I completely agree with you on skincare. I recently made that switch and even though it’s taken a lot from my pocket, my skin is thanking me! I guessed your age wrong and I think a picnic will be cute to celebrate your 30th.

    1. Yes quality Skincare is so important, and thank you so much for the picnic suggestion and than you for reading.

  4. I’ve picked up a lot from your decision to stop spending in certain items. I love that you also pointed out that saving money doesn’t mean going cheap. It’s wise to spend a premium on the things that are important to you and make your life easier.

    1. Yes Salem, infant you even spend less when you buy premium things because you only purchase them once. Thank you so much for reading.

  5. Funke Olotu says:

    I’m sure your new chapter will be amazing, you’re on the right path. You’ve been for a while.

    You’re shouting at me with the cocktail bit, it’s so easy to spend money.

    Looking forward to more posts about your lessons and growth. Cheers

    1. Awww Thank you so much Funke, and you can have a cocktail once in a while. That you for reading.

  6. Loved reading this. Lately, after shipping so much makeup into the bin because i rarely wear makeup (apart for pictures) I have decided to spend more on skincare products …. I want to get to a point I wear 0 makeup even in pictures!

    1. Yes to skincare over makeup. Thank you for reading.

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