Just Random #GetToKnowMe (Part 2)

Hey lovelies, welcome back to my blog. Last week I started a Get to know me series, and I got a lot of mails and thumbs up on that post. Thanks for your mail and questions. I will answer some of them in today’s post.


  1. Have I ever been in love: Yes I have once
  2. How tall am i: I am tall enough…..lol I am 5″6 I think (I’m gonna have to confirm my height)
  3. My current favoutire TV shows: Right now ,Game Of Thrones and House of Cards
  4. How old am i: I am 25
  5. What do I do when I am down and sad: I am never really sad, but when I feel down, I pray, self-motivate myself and meditate
  6. How long does it take me to shower: lol it depends, but probably 10-15minutes
  7. How long does it take me to get ready: It depends, if I’m doing my makeup probably 30-40mins if I am not doing my makeup,10 minutes
  8. Turn off: Liars, Negative people, complainers, self-pity, laziness, stingy people, guys with too much show off (Please don’t flaunt what you do not have),pride
  9. Turn on: Ambition and Drive, Honesty ,Organization, humility, passionate about making a difference
  10. Pet Peeves: One of my biggest pet peeve is the abbreviation of every single word (What in God’s name is Wyd instead of what are you doing)
  11. Some traits I look for in a man: Good sense of humor, Ambition (A man without ambition is a NO NO for me),good sense of communication, relationship with God
  12. Last thing I ate: I am on a cleanse so I just had a cup of detox tea
  13. The last time I said I love you to someone: This morning, I told a friend
  14. The last person I spoke to: My best friend Nkechi
  15. My best and worst subject in secondary school: Economics and Government (Best),I hated Book-keeping/ Accounting with  a passion, but I made sure I passed all accounting exams.
  16. Some Places I really want to visit: Maldives, Greece, Paris, Italy, Kenya, Hawaii, Morocco, Sydney
  17. Do I play any instrument: I played the piano some years back, and I still know the basics today.
  18. Do I own any pet: No but I want a puppy, maybe when I get my own place or when i get married.
  19. Favorite quote: I love quotes a lot but i think one of my favorite quote i created is “We are all put on this earth to creat change,add value, make a difference,serve God and Serve humanity”
  20. Biggest Inspiration in life: My NGO: (GHIEF: Global Hope Integrated Empowerment Foundation) all the amazing lives i get to meet everyday because of GHIEF has made me a better person.

I hope I have more to share next week Wednesday. If you have a specific question for me, send question(s) to adohrspeaks@gmail.com or ask in the comment section below.



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