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Hey friends, welcome back to my blog. I hope you all have seen Beyoncé visual album. Please if you have not go find it and see it. So I have decided to start something new on my blog. Every Wednesday, there will be a get to know me random post. In this post I will share some 10-20 random/personal things about me.  I hope we are able to connect more this way.


So leggoooo

  1. What is my middle name : My middle name is Oluwagbemisola
  2. Current favorite colors: Grey,nude and peach (I know what a color)
  3. What is the last thing I bought: LOL I bought a body wash (Softsoap citrus splash&Berry Fusion) from Walmart
  4. Am I married or engaged: No I am not, but when I am you guys will be the first to know
  5. Favorite beverage: I can not let a day pass without having green tea.
  6. Do I speak any other language: I can speak my native language (Yoruba),I understand the very basics of French.
  7. When was the last time I cried: I cried yesterday when I was watching Beyoncé visual album, lol I wasn’t wailing and all, tears just flowed down my cheeks because it was just so beautiful and empowering.
  8. Current favorite beauty product: My Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in “Nude Thrill”
  9. Do I participate in any sport: I played the volley ball during my NYSC days, but now I run and have interest in boxing.
  10. Favorite song at the moment: Every song on the Lemonade album, and oh I love Rihanna’s “needed me”
  11. Favorite current scent: I am a vanilla girl but currently I am loving lavender (I may even have a new scent by tomorrow)
  12. Current favorite city: I am currently in Florida, though I love it here, my favorite city is Dubai. I went to Dubai before coming to Florida and I had an amazing time, I can not wait to go back.
  13. Favorite Magazine: Oprah Magazine
  14.  Latest skincare ritual: I cant sleep without applying my night body cream, and my argan grapeseed facial oil on my face
  15.  What was the last movie I went to see: I saw “TheBoss” last week and it was so good, I laughed so hard and learnt so much from the movie
  16. What will I change about myself physically if I could: Actually nothing….oh wait, maybe my height.

I hope I have more to share next week Wednesday. If you have a specific question for me, send question(s) to adohrspeaks@gmail.com or ask in the comment section below.



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  1. I like the boxing part

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