Just Random: Life Right Now


Making: more time for myself. Working on several projects that I am passionate about,making more time for my night time skin care routine.

Eating: Super healthy these days, as I have 20pounds to lose

Drinking: lots of ginger, lemon tea, green and detox tea.

Wanting: to travel more and make more difference in the world.

Playing: my Beyoncé album all the time as I work out.

Wasting: no time at all on unnecessary things. my time is so precious these days.

Creating: a bucket list of all the countries, cities and activities I’d like to do before I turn 30!

Wishing: for world peace, more love and less hate.

Enjoying: iced- vanilla chai tea, OMG I love it so much.

Loving: nature, I have fallen so much in love with nature.

Hoping: that you are happy. And that you are feeling good about yourself and working hard to achieve your dreams. Whatever goal you wish to reach, whatever problem you wish to solve, you are a specific number of steps away from doing so. Start now, keep going, and get it done.

Marveling: at people who just complain a lot about everything (if you cannot provide solution, do not complain).

Smelling: candles, my room is now filled with French vanilla cream scent

Wearing: more comfortable clothes and sneakers, I am all about the effortless look these days,

Noticing: that I have a real soft spot for home and interior  decor.

Knowing: i should not give up on my dreams no matter what.

Feeling: excited for my friends getting married this year, I mean I have 3 weddings to plan.

Opening: up to the idea of going natural ( it is just an idea, i am still thinking hard about it)

Feeling: a little tired but grateful for the things I have in my life and what I’ve been able to accomplish thus far.

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