Laaraba Hair: You Deserve It

If you know me well, then you will know that i have 4 major hair styles namely; bohemian curls, long braided hair, body wave and long straight human extension. These are my signature styles and i think it will remain like this for a very long time. With the popularity of human hair weaves/wigs, there is an increase in the number of fake extension in the market, thats why i am always scared when shopping for extension,because as you know human weaves/wig is an investment, as they can be quite expensive but if original can last you for years.

Laaraba Hair is probably one of the best human hair company i have come across. This hair company is luxury at its feast but yet affordable. I mean from the hair itself to the variety of services this company offers, one can say this is a company dedicated to treating your human extension like your real hair. Laraaba aim and goal is to give every woman a beautiful crown, a sense of pride and great quality for their money’s worth.  I was recently sent some bundles (Brazilian body wave in 20″ 18″ 16″ ) and when i received the package was in black and yellow heaven. Hair texture is super silky and velvety.  I was also told that my weave can be turned into a wig, coloured or styled by the Laaraba company. I will be ro

This is one of the first company that goes further than just selling human weaves/extension. This is a hair company that treats your human hair right in all ways because you deserve it. Laaraba Hair delivers within Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Delivery takes up to 5-7 days with Nigeria and delivery days varies if outside Nigeria.  Want to know more about this hair company follow @laaraba_hair on IG or call +234 (0) 9081690770

I strongly recommend this brand.



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