Last Post In 2017: Lessons,Life Update & More

Welcome to the last day in 2017, yes we made it to the last day. I am so grateful to God for seeing all of us to the end of the year,and i am so excited for what is to come. 2017 has been my most “growing up” year. This year brought out all my emotions in the most extreme way, i cried so hard, i laughed so hard, i had a lot of sleepless nights, some days i’d wake up so happy and excited and some days i’d wake up feeling so overwhelmed by everything. In general, i am so grateful to God for how he kept me throughout this year, and how he made some of my dreams come true.  Here’s my life update & lessons learned in 2017

Current Life Update

  • I am currently enjoy spending time with myself (going to the movies by myself,taking a walk,spending time with nature alone etc).
  • I have been eating so unhealthy but trust me to go back to my healthy lifestyle from January.
  • I have been spending a lot of time restructuring my companies and it feels good
  • I spend less time on social media these days and it feels really good.
  • I also love spending time with my close friends and just chilling.
  • I lost my favourite grandma this month, and i cried so much. I miss her everyday, but i know she’s in a better place.
  • Tonight i am going to meditate for an hour or more and just get all my energy set and ready for the new year.

Some Lessons Learned In 2017

  • It is okay to cry when you need to
  • Always take some time off from social media once in a while
  • Your inner circle is very important, so choose wisely
  • Handwork really pays.
  • If a man says “i find you very intimidating” he is not the one for you
  • It is okay to take a break once in a while from everyone, even from your family
  • God is forever amazing
  • Nothing beats inner peace
  • Being grateful is the door to happiness
  • It is okay to say No and not feel bad about it.

Overall 2017 has been a great year, and i am so grateful. Share with me a current life update and some lessons you learnt in 2017. See you in the new year



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  1. I missed coming on here and just taking in the impact of your posts.Yes, God is truly forever awesome and faithful and the time away from social media does wonders. I am so happy things are going well for you, I pray for God’s faithfulness to forever remain vibrant in your life.

    1. Thank you so much and happy new year. I promise to put out more amazing content this year. xoxo

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