Lessons Learnt From Leo’s Win: Delay Is Not Denial


If you know me well, then you know I have great respect for Leonardo DiCaprio and his works, both as an actor and activist.

Today I learnt a lot from his win,and want to share some of these lessons

-Delay Is not Denial: Leo has been nominated more than 4 times for the Oscars, but he never won until today, he watched others win and get recognized, but not him, but that did not stop him from working, he kept on working hard and working smart, and finally got his reward today. Yes in life you may be delayed and set back a few times, you will even watch others win, your own mates will be going ahead of you and getting all the awards and recognition in life, but that should not stop you from trying again,that should not stop you from working, that should not stop you from going on. You may not see results now, but you will eventually if you do not give up. That moment will arrive when you will finally be celebrated.

-Take Risk: If you are a Leo fan,then you will know that he doesn’t play small, even without winning in all the previous nominations, Leo still took on big, jaw-dropping, risky roles. His latest role in the Revenant shows the kind of risk taker Leo is, and it paid off. So take risk, leave your comfort zone, winners don’t stay in comfort zones, they do extraordinary things,   they do not go for basic roles in life. So what is that risk you have been wanting to take, but too scared to take it. Yes you will doubt and question yourself but I will advise you to take it today,you will see the results soon.

-No Shortcut In Life: There are no shortcut to success, if you want to be successful in whatever you are doing you have to be ready to work hard, work smart, be ready for disappointments, for setbacks, but all of these adds to your success story,  just as it has added to Leo’s.

-Make A Difference: Lea has been making a difference as an activist for this planet, he uses any opportunity and platform given to bring awareness to climate change and the condition of the planet. His current role in the revenant also shows his passion and love for this planet. In his acceptance speech, Leo did not hold back, as he used the opportunity  to speak on climate change and how the planet is changing.

Use the platform God has given you and make a difference today.

Congrats Leo

Have a great week everyone



5 Replies to “Lessons Learnt From Leo’s Win: Delay Is Not Denial”

  1. I can’t say I’m the ultimate Leo fan, but man I am happy that he won! He really deserves it.

  2. Great learning point Adohr. Never say never until its over.

    1. Yes Pat! Never say Never

  3. One of the major things you said that stands out is that you would even see your peers and even younger ones getting recognition (sometimes, the first time they set out ) and you nothing. But like leo he never gave up or stepped down his drive. Even with the kind of roles he played, he took risks, parts that should get him that golden statue and he never did, but he kept pushing and never dialed down what he went for! Am amongst many so happy that he won! Keep at it! That’s al, one day it will speak 4 itself.

    1. Keeks you couldn’t have said it any better! We just have to keep pushing and not give up,one day it will pay off,one day it will all speak for itself.

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